Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

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Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

Post by halconfenix » Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:48 pm

Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

let's face it... Konami is focusing on console gaming... sooner or later Shinki-net (aka: Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio) will end.

the only way for shinki net to survive is pretty much receiveing a total overhaul...

maybe this thread is mostly useless since konami pretty much doesnt care about us (add up the recent events in japan and... you get the idea)

but anyway i'm posting here my ideas on how 573 should give BR/DS a new "life", so to speak... any other ideas are welcome as well!

let's get started:

Diorama Studio:

not much to say here... DS is already cool as it is, all that needs is..

- new scenarios
- a video/animation creation feature (think MikuMikuDance for shinkis)

Battle Rondo:

- turn based gameplay must be changed for something more "realtime", something like the gameplay in Battle Masters, but still without direct input from the owner, why? because shinkis are supposed to be on their own during fights, only needing the owner for strategy tips and advice, and also to have a better use of bandwith (for non-japanese players)... and because seeing AIs fighting each other is cool.

- since the gameplay is now different. the "battle zones" must be different as well, so it would be cool if battle Rondo could use the already existent scenery from Diorama Studio as well as a pc version of the battle masters scenery.

- someone already mentioned this on cbox (if i remember right) but the "owner's room" (and imho the "game center") must be reworked to be more 3D and give the chance to interact more with the shinkis, and also seeing the shinkis interacting between themselves... stuff like that

- obviously ALL the official shinkis must be in!

- and AT LEAST "engrish" menus...

and how konami should do the reworking of shinki-net?

most of the key material is already on the current shinki-net, from 3D models to sound files to scenery, the hard part would be reworking some scenery and changing the gameplay and AI engine completely (and obviously creating new material for the game and reworking stuff from battle masters).

so... after reading all this rant and stuff... any other fellow BSWer wants to add something? (preferably ideas, not complains)

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Re: Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

Post by Mikuo_Hatsune » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:30 pm

I remember the discussion between Xehn, you and me about the Shinki/owner interaction room , however I don't know if you could have all 26(i have more codes for BR aswell) of my Shinkis in one room , unless its a MASSIVE area , but I wouldn't mind running a daycare centre for my Shinkis as im already doing something similar with all my Shinkis now(check my show and tell thread)

if the Japanese fans want this as much as we do , we might see a change , but their market is the Japanese fans and hand helds are the dominant gaming system in Japan (this includes Mobile Phones , I have a Japanese Softbank and DoCoMo and I've been playing the 3d Gundam game on it for some time and its pretty PSP standard)

I agree with most of your rants
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Re: Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

Post by blade_anime » Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:19 pm


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Re: Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

Post by Zero_Blazer » Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:37 am

It wouldn't be normal BR then. It'd be like, BR2 if we have to go through all those changes. If they do decide its worth funding though, we better have a way to transfer all our data to the new game...

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Re: Battle Rondo needs an Overhaul....

Post by ArcticKitsune » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:27 pm

I do agree that Battle Rondo needs some form of major upgrade or overhaul. It's also funny how we're getting on the same idea of "shinki interactions" lol. So.....Well, if you guys truly care then follow my plan heh.


My plan:
- Find Japanese partners or proxies that'll be willing to raid Konami's Shinki department. E-mailing them works as well, but whats their e-mail?
- Get them to do this until Konami snaps in the way, like with Renge/Gab and the recent Chopstick/spoon/Nun/doctor update.
- Thank Konami in some way through Japanese proxie raiders.


And I agree that there needs to be more in Rondo so.....

-> Konami's Operation-Save-Rondo-Plan!:
- 3D Cafe = We need a 3D Cafe for Shinki interactions similar to Battle Masters. But I guess the dialogue might kill us foreigners. Just spawn tables in a PS Home style and you're set. Also, you could see your Shinki's fighting from above or from the sides of a battle table while going through armor stats and shouting advice through pop-up menu. It's on the concept art so might as well use it!

- Diorama Vacation (alter) - Diorama studio could be somehow implemented into Rondo as a "vacation" area, expanded, and used for your Shinki's to play with your props and all. Imagine seeing mini-Shinki's fighting it off at a destination or whatnot. Also, If anything, this could take 1 bar of battery to up affection or to keep Shinki's happy when you're on vacation yourself. There is no denying that people can't keep up affection on Shinki's when away. Example: 10 weeks of vacation would take up 10 bars meaning 1 week for bar drainage as well. Sounds fair.

- Main Shinki world - Expanding on treasure island by adding a permanent and new world to use as a hub. Could be neo-Tokyo, or some fantasy island. Players could gather and to chat and all, similar to other J-MMO's. Think Atlantica Online possibly. It's been done meaning Konami can simply copy & paste, then alter it slightly to their liking. Nothing THAT hard Ha!

-> Force Konami to partner up with Sony to add in PS Home space. Have Rondo linked up with PS Home Japan and to feed Shinki's into that home space. Players could then battle with Battle Master sprites and Rondo battle system in a cafe manner (or Home stats).
-> Changing both Cafe and VS mode into a 3D space using Battle Master mechanics of interaction. You get to view the battlefield, character armor and such. (Sidenote: I don't really expect this to be in, but it be a bonus.)

-> Adding in more interactive maps and worlds for Shinki's to explore. If they don't, people will whine that they're getting bored in Rondo. And people are one hell of a good whiners! People get bored easily as well! Why explore? People get bored of battles so exploring maps for stuff could help. Make use of batteries on this one as well?

-> 3D Desk/Room - Having Shinkis walk around your desk and having them visually seen charging on a charger pad. You could decorate and invite other players into your room similar to cafe mode in this 'ambitious plan'.

-> Diorama Studio Update - Add more scenery packs by giving newer Shinki's their own world. For example: Kohiru would have a Sushi shop, Spoon type a Western restaurant, Renge would have a shrine, and etc.....

-> Adding more words and interactions to past and present girls. This is mostly to the older ones as they gradually lose their charm overtime due to repetition.

Ideas are meant to be stolen only by fans of Konami, and Konami themselves! Well, go raid your Japanese proxies! :P

Side-note: But guess that I now mentioned it, it won't happen, bugger....

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