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Board Rules!

Post by ShadowDragon » Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:57 pm

- Keep swearing to a minimum.
A lot of posters here swear a fair bit in real life; however, you never know how old the next person to read your post is going to be. So try to keep the amount of swearing you use in posts to a minimum.

- No spamming.
Any instances will be removed without warning at the discretion of moderators and administrators.

- No flaming.
Period. See swearing above.

- No linking or posting of pornographic material. Again, see swearing.

- NSFW tags need to be used in the forums AND cbox. NSFW material needs to be LINKS only, no direct IMG postings.

- For absolute clarification, if a picture shows some form of sexual stimulation or intercourse, or genitalia, it is considered pornographic.

- Do not post personal information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, or any other information considered private) without the express permission of the individual.

- No harassing board members.
This goes for either in posts on the boards (see rule #1) or in private messages.

- No bringing drama from other boards to BSW. Whatever happens off of BSW stays off BSW.


- No Political or Religious threads.
Holiday cheer threads to express "Merry Christmas," "Happy Easter," etc. are permitted.

- No links to illegal downloads
This includes MP3's, games, pirated software, movies, full book or full comic scans.

- Selling of pirated software, copied episodes, comics on CD, copied CD's, etc. is not permitted.
Neither is linking to places where these things CAN be bought.

- Try to post in the forum that is most relevant to the topic being discussed. Misplaced threads will be moved at the discretion of moderators and administrators.

- No mouthing off at staff because of the rules or administrative action.
If you have a problem with a decision a member of staff has made, PM them.

- No alternate identities.
This is instantly bannable if we catch you.

- Do not direct post images that you do not have exclusive access to. This means that any image you post should be on your own webspace or you must have permission from whoever is hosting it. This makes things easier for everyone. You may link to a page showing the pic you want to show, but do not link directly to the picture.

- No posting anything for banned members.
If we find you posting sales, art, messages, etc. for a banned member, for any reason, you will find yourself banned for one week. Do it again, and it will be a permanent ban. No warnings will be given.

- No posting of "Graphic Images".
Corpses/dead bodies, mutilated bodies, or any image which can be considered overly sick or disgusting. Posting of these types of images will result in a one week suspension from the boards.

- No personal ads.
We're not a personals board. So no "Any girls wanna go out with me?!" or "Single white male looking for obese elderly honey who's into mud-eating"; or stuff like that.

- BSW administrators and moderators will frequently review forum messages for those that are in violation of these rules. Messages that are in violation can and will be deleted or edited without notification.

- BSW administrators reserve the right to ban any user at any time for any reason.

- BSW and its representatives will not be held liable for the result of the usage of any information provided in the BSW, and disclaim all liability resulting in the use of the posted information.

- BSW takes no responsibility for the content of any of the messages posted in the BSW forums or Cbox or of the authenticity of its authors. All opinions and views expressed in the BSW forums or Cbox are solely those of their respective authors and are not necessarily those of BSW or its representatives.

- BSW takes no responsibility for deals between two or more parties who have used the forums or Cbox to come to their arrangement. All issues between buyer(s) and seller(s) should be handled between each other. The feedback forum is there to warn others if a deal goes sour, or better than expected, it would be in the users best interest to check this forum before making any potential deals.

- BSW reserves the right to change the aforementioned rules at any time without warning or notice. It is the responsibility of the forum member to check this page on a regular basis for any revisions in BSW rules before making any posts to the forum or Cbox.