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Show & Tell Rules

Post by Deviant Anomaly » Sun May 17, 2009 1:34 am

Rules for Show & Tell Forum

In the spirit of allowing every member an equal opportunity to shine, please contain showcasing your collections to a single thread. There is no need to start a new one every time you have new pictures. The board will indicate when you last updated your thread so folks know to look. Multiple threads by the same member may be combined into one. The only exceptions I'll allow a secondary thread for is customized Shinkis as those deserve a little special recognition or a themed group showcase.

Keep your pictures in your own thread. If you want to share something that is relevant to the ongoing discussion in another member's thread, make a link to it so that viewing is optional. Also pictures of Shinkis only. Other toys/figures/objects are allowed so long as a Shinki shares the focus. Pictures of your other collections should be posted in the Other Toys forum.

Pictures should be kept to a manageable size. If you notice them changing your thread so that you have to scroll from side to side in order to see the whole picture, then they are too big. Feel free to ask for assistance if you are unsure how to reduce your pictures in size.

This is a public board, so please keep your pictures tasteful. Poses and language should be PG-13 rated at the most. This includes sexual as well as violent subject matter.

Also in the event that a content loss occurs, I am responsible for re-starting the Tally thread. I keep a copy of the latest update saved offline. Thus I don't require information being re-posted that has already been counted and having more than one thread creates disorganization. So I ask folks to be patient in regards to such matters. Any tally related threads started by someone other than a mod or admin of the board will be locked and/or deleted.

Thanks, everyone. :)

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