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Re: Arctic Kitsune's Shinki's (& Reviews)

Post by ArcticKitsune » Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:30 pm

I genuinely feel bad for all the times I've said I'd leave the hobby to find how bad of a ripple effect it has....... I'm still active with Busou Shinki, if struggling with my own emotions, getting shadowbanned, getting thrown under the bus, that "episode" in 2017 causing me to lose my figure photography spark, being badmouthed and etc..... I really REALLY hate what I said both here and in January 2017 that I would quit figure photography...... Depression sucks.

Having watched Saekano S2 recently I'm back in the mood to do figure photography of Busou Shinki though now have to wait till July to actually do it. It shall be easier to do them because I'm now moving out of my place to venture to my coworker's place so I'll be able to take pictures from their backyard before I have to move couple months later to a new place, "somewhere". Who knows where.

I'm planning two projects, one of which I have to keep silent until I actually make progress, and another being a photobook of my Busou Shinki figure photography images. I probably should have kept quiet about that until I actually made progress with it as well. Once you note how you want to do something it tends to stall out.

Even though I was pushed out & had my depressive episode I still want to be a part of the Busou Shinki community...... Community hospitality willing. On a side note I'll stop taking pictures off my dollfie while focusing more on Shinki photography again. Though, from the looks of it I may be dealing with moody people again trying to snub any fun out of the hobby. I'll share what I love though.

After this posting I'll share images again. Not flickr anymore, though from another source. If anybody knows of a good long-term source then do share and I'll share from there.

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