Your stories about Toy collecting

Talk about other toys we collect.
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Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Storm Wing » Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:57 am

So i was buying this Prowl (TransFormers Animated). After that, i can't stop the urge to collect ALL the Prime team. :*) Then, i bought Activator class BumbleBee (well, the size is reasonable enough to his fellow Autobots). After that, got myself: Voyager Optimus Prime, Deluxe Ratchet, & Jazz. But where's BulkHead?? Yeah, i never found him... Until one day!! Saw him @ a hobby shop, in loose condition. So yeah, just snatch him without thinking my wallet ^^; LOLs. 2 weeks later, grab OilSlick, BlackArachnia, Voyager Megatron, & 1 week ago got Lockdown. Probably, i'll buy SoundWave & 2 pack Megatron VS Prime DVD Pack next month.

About Shinkis... My first Shinki was Benio. Yeah, i just loev samurais. Then, start hunting other shinkis with a good character design. So i get myself:
Waffe Bunny,
Waffe Dolphin,
Harmony Grace,
Fort Bragg,
& Vespelio.

Next month: Gonna get Graffias. *buries wallet to the ground* "oTL

And there's my story about collecting toys/action figures. Let's discuss ^_^
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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Ahoybaby » Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:33 am

I use to work at an anime store awhile back, and since there's alota down time i spent alotta time on youtube looking up random anime related things. And one day i found Miku Hatsune, i think that's where everything started since i was linked to the Plamoo youtube acct. After that is about when i got into my busou shinki, figma, nendoroid collecting. First shinki i got was Asuka, then 4 more was to follow about amonth later.

I also been building gundam models for years, but i've always thought that "action figures were lame" i can now say that, "my foot tastes really good" and i don't think that the collecting will stop.
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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Sonja » Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:56 pm

I bought a series of Higurashi no Naku Koroni trading figures off eBay, as I liked the series.
It kind of exploded.

All of this figure collecting started with my friend linking me to a DS game: Pinky Street Kira Kira Music Hour. I thought it was cute and looked up a forum revolving around Pinky Street only to find out it is a series of figures!

Well.. that was almost 2 years ago now. That was the first time I also saw Shinkis. Things have kind of snowballed from there, and now I've finallly got some Shinkis on order =).

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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Drango » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:29 pm

I guess my figure collecting started when I was in collage about 5/6 years ago, during my first year, where a shop in the town where my collage was located happend to have a few Gundam Wing modle kits, and I picked up a Wing Zero 1/100 scale kit, and later a 1/144 scale Serpent Custom Mobile Suit also from Gundam Wing.

After collage however, I managed to get into University, and discovered the location of a Forbidden Plannet comic shop, as well as an anime club that arranged trips to anime conventions each year... And, well... it kinda went down hill from there, and I now have... more figures than I can be bothered to count spread around my room...

Also, at the last convention I went to (technically, and legally actually a festival) one of the dealers happened to be selling some Buso Shinki Howling and MaoChao figures, so I grabbed a Howling because it caught my attention, and I thought she was cute. And when I was trying to figure out the deal about the code that came with it on the Konami website, sorta... Started planning which Busou Shinki I'd be getting next...

I now have an order for Arnval Tranche 2, Werkstra, and Waffebunny...


Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Major » Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:03 am

I know precisely how I got into busou shinki. I started reading the T.F.W.2005 Funnies Forum back in 2008. Early this year, I happened across a web-comic called “It's fun-ness on a stick!” by DilaZirK, which contained a sweet little side-story by the name of “Side Quest - Adventures of MaoChao.” MaoChao ended up being the first shinki I purchased and, after buying her and being thoroughly amazed by her, several more followed. Soon after I joined T.F.W.2005 as a member, I started up my own little web-comic (some of which may be found here on our board) in order to give me a reason to play with my girls… And the rest is history.

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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Lock Cade » Tue May 04, 2010 11:53 am

I didn't truly get started buying and collecting my own toys until I was 20.

First I started collecting Transformers. I bought my first two -- Cybertron Primus and Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime -- back in December of 2006, but it wouldn't be until around the summer of 2007, when the first live-action Transformers movie came out in theaters, that I really took off on collecting Transformers.

Then, last year, when I started reading the photocomics on TFW2005, I was introduced to the Busou Shinki figures and after awhile I caved in and bought my first two Shinkis from Big Bad Toy Store -- Strarf Bis and Schmetterling. This happened around August or September, and the last major Shinki purchase I made was in November, when I bought Harmony Grace, Bright Feather, and a second Arnval Tranche to use for a custom Shinki that I started developing plans for.

Started collecting a few of Bionicles, either late last year or earlier this year. Likewise, I was introduced to Bionicles after seeing them appear in a small handful of comics on TFW2005. The one Bionicle that I really want to get, and still hope to get, is Krika from the Mystika line. But the first ones that I bought were Skrall and Stronius, both of which I think are incredibly awesome looking. I also have Zesk, Atakus, and Toa Onua. Like I said, I definitely want Krika, but I would also like to pick up Gelu, Tuma, Mata Nui, and Vorox. I doubt I'll collect more of the older Bionicle sets, but if I ever come across any of the older ones that look awesome, I'll most likely pick them up.

Lastly, I purchased 3 Fate/Stay Night Revoltech figures from one of the moderators on TFW2005 -- Saber, Saber Alter, and Rin Tohsaka. Of the three, I absolutely love Rin. However, I might just buy the Figma Fate/Stay Night figures to use in future photocomic projects, and just have the Revoltech figures for display only.

I doubt I will ever stop collecting any toys anytime soon. Once I get myself hooked onto something, it's very hard to get me out of it.

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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Mikuo_Hatsune » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:32 am

I grew up with Tekkaman Blade and Virtual On from an early age(1994-1996), I visited Taiwan and Philippines often to visit relatives and saw that Sega released toys of Temjin, Viper and Raiden back then and were being sold in Taiwan and Philippines, thats where my Mecha addiction started, Chinatown Sydney had a few import stores of Gunpla and all sorts of stuff and I'd visit the store often throughout my late primary school and early high school life(1998 - 2004), cause we did alot of shopping there(and I spent all my pocket money on Gunpla and Trading Figures etc) To be honest I hardly bought any toys which were western marketed cause I just thought Virtual On, Armored Core and Gundam was top shxt. 2006 when I finnished High School and was introduced to "Kinokuniya", a Japanese book store here in Sydney, there was a copy of "Megami Magazine Mecha Musume Edition"


I loved the mix of girls with Mecha armour and found out about Shinkis through that magazine, I came abit too late to get Arnval and Strarf which I was dissapointed about cause they were the ones I wanted most, so I got MaoChao, Tsugaru and Waffebunny but mostly just played with Tsugaru cause she was the only one that caught my interest looking like the girls in that Megami Magazine I bought, I was disappointed with the way the next few waves weren't to my expectation till I saw Eukrante, however by the time they were released I was already in Basic training for Army service here, the Army sees any sort of Cartoon like characters in your living areas as contraband, so the only toys I could collect during Army service was McFarlanes Halo figures, a few years later I was released from the Army, from October 2010 till now I have caught up with what I had missed during my service, mostly just Shinkis
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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by Takashi » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:12 am

My childhood was built on Transformers, Gobots, Makron 1, Saber Rider and Voltron cartoons. And back in the 90s I was disparately collecting transformers figures. When I grew up most of them weer given to smaller relatives (R.I.P. Metrotitan). 5 Years after I and some of my friends started a transformers forum. That was so nostalgic I even started to collect modern TF toys from Universe, Cybertron and Energon series. At that time I was already into anime and my eyes saw Gundam SEED, thats when I started collecting Gundams. I small flat so collecting something big was a stupid idea. Thats why I decided to take on 1/144 HG. After the first Bay movie was released I became disapointed in TFs and ceased collecting turning all my attention to gundams. Several of my transformers were sold to friends who were still willing to collect them. Around 2008 I came across BS. I was amazed and furious to get one but could not afford. And in 2011 at last I could. So still I'm up for shinkis and 1/144 gundams.

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Re: Your stories about Toy collecting

Post by ZeroEdge » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:15 am

What's my story? Prepare yourself 'cause this is gonna be along one...

Toy collecting has been a hobby for many years now. Gunpla became my first real obsession back when I was in highschool when I came home one day to find out that my younger brother had bought a bootlegged 1/144 HG Heavyarms custom. Back then, Gundam W was airing (Filipino dubbed) and was all the rage with young otaku here, so I just had to get my own. Unfortunately though, bootlegs are the only ones readily available in the provinces, Bandai gunpla were only sold in malls in the greater Manila area, add to that me being a student from a middle class family at a time when everything imported is expensive, so there is next to zero percent of my acquiring one for myself.

I proceeded to collect the entire Endelss Waltz series, followed by the G-Unit series and a few of the original Wing series, all bootlegs. My very first Bandai, non-bootlegged gunpla is a 1/144 Wing Zero Gundam (my bro got the original Wing Gundam.) Then came Gundam X to the Philippines, and I got myself another non-bootlegged gunpla, a 1/144 Double X.

I continued collecting gunpla, mostly bootlegs since they are cheap and readily available, and ended up owning all of both my brothers' (I'm the eldest of four, with a sister and two younger bros) gunpla when they got tired of them. Then came Tamiya Mini 4wd's, Crush Gear, Beyblade, B-Daman, Zoids... and yoyos. When I finally got to work, non-bootlegged stuff became within reach, and my collection expanded from there. I like collecting stuff that you can customize, so I learned modding and painting practically through my hobbies. Crash B-Daman, Metal Fight Beyblades, and Nerf Guns added to my collection. I also had my share of airsoft guns (most damaged and given away).

I discovered Busou Shinki during some random net surfing years back, when they had just released Waffebunny... and I got hooked. Unfortunately, I didn't know where to find shinkis in the Philippines, especially since most Filipinos collect gunpla and action figures. I searched Manila's malls and Divisoria for figures, including figmas since I wanted a Miku figma badly. I ended up with my very first figma, Kagamiku (not Miku, but close enough :P).

Then came October last year, and my bro discovered GreatToysOnline, a Philippine-based online store, and suggested that I visit there one time. I've been going to Festival Mall in Alabang for years and didn't even know it existed! And when I got there... BANG!!! I was in otaku paradise!

They only had one shinki then, Xiphos. I was looking for an Arnval, my first shinki love TBH (I was playing Battle Masters then). So when I returned a month later, there were new stuff in stock, and I got my very first shinki... my Wave 1 Strarf, Noir. A few weeks later, I returned there to get my second shinki, Espadia, followed by Lancamento in December. I joined BSW February this year, and the rest is history...

Here's where I stand now;

Busou Shinki: 7 (Strarf, Espadia, Lancamento, Howling, Zielbellen, Oorbellen, and Baby Razz)
Figmas: 5 (Kagamiku, Miyafuji Yoshika, Kos-Mos, Nakano Azusa, and Kuroneko)
Nendoroids: 5 (Miku, Akiyama Mio, Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru, all bootlegs)
PVC Figures: 2 (Haruhi and Akiyama Mio, both bootlegs)
Gunpla: around 100 by now (lost count), not sure since I bought original Bandai gunpla to replace some of my bootlegs, and some scrapped for shinki parts :P
Tamiya Mini4wd: 3 (sold some cars a few years back)
Crush Gear: 7 (or more, if I decide to assemble the spare parts into whole cars)
B-Daman: 6 (customized)
Beyblade: 6 (mostly Metal Fight models, most of my old ones were destroyed long ago...)
Zoids: 7 (old wind-up models)
Airsoft: M50 Sniper Rifle
Nerf: had 7 (Secret Shot, Maverick, Nite Finder, Recon, Magstrike, Raider, Barrel Break), only SS and Barrel Break are left with me, nephew got the rest
Yoyo: 20 (yes, I can play...)

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