Konamistlye Advent promotion

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Konamistlye Advent promotion

Post by Yzz » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:59 am

Konamistyle is apperntly giving away extra goodies when you order from their website;

I have no idea what the terms/condition of this giveaway are :maochao:

Copypasta via google translate;
December 01 Busou Trump Premium
Clear signature file Busou Arutorene
December 02, Clear signature file Mk.2 Busou Anvaru
Clear signature file Mk.2 Busou Sutorafu
December 05 Clear signature file Busou Atiru
Clear signature file Busou Raputiasu
December 06, Clear signature file Busou Beibirazu
Part Busou weapon "disk integrators," "Dekuresanto"
December 7 Busou trading cards "Harmony Grace"
Busou universal container
December 08, Dan Sara Busou crushed
Part Busou weapon "large sword Gyurinosu"
December 09, Clear signature file Busou Jiruberun
Bern, Busou clear all signature files
December 12 Busou weapon parts set
Clear signature file Busou lotus
December 13 Celestina Marie Busou clear signature file
Proxima Busou clear signature file
December 14 Busou Bookmarks (Anvaru & Sutorafu set)
Busou Bookmarks (all Bern and Bern Tanger set)
December 15 Busou trading cards "Uerukusutora"
Clear signature file Busou Gaburinu
December 16 Busou Beibirazu crushed
Busou pajamas (pink)
December 19 Busou badges
Busou pajamas (blue).
· Campaign holding time, and from 12:00 until 23:59 each day.
Saturday · Sunday, no upcoming holiday.
• The confirmation of the grant award, you will need to complete your order until the end. When the campaign ended before completing your order,
be eligible for grant awards.
· The quantities for the benefit限Rigozaimasu arrival. The timing of the completion of your order will
be granted may not benefit.
• The existence of the grant award, "Order Complete screen" Please check your order number and click on the.
Dates • The content and benefits may help us to change without notice.
All Glory and Honor and Praise be to God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit, Amen.

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Re: Konamistlye Advent promotion

Post by shizen22 » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:02 am

Too bad I discovered this thread too late but just to reply; buy anything in the below list to qualify.
http://www.konamistyle.jp/list/all/buso ... rstmas2011

Considering the slim pickings, I don't think it would have been worth it. :P

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