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Re: And So It Begins (Kotobukiya Busou Shinki)

Postby Poor collector » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:10 am

halconfenix wrote:ok... i get it... and yet its ironic that even if model kits are pretty much display pieces and action figures are made to be played with... the most impressive collectable figures of this last 2 decades are action figures yet all you can do with them is put then on display...

so i'm not going to argue anymore about "what's better than what"... in the end all depends on how a collector handles his/her figures regardless of how those were made in the first place (knowing that first hand thanks to photocomic making).

so before this thread gets derailed due to "unnecessary heat", only questions remaining are:

1) is koto really capable of re-launching the shinki line?

2) if yes... when?

1) I believe that they can. If they tell people they going to re-launch BS as action figure, people will be willing to wait.

2) I am not sure, but I think the earlier the better.

Klinkin wrote:I really don't see why people are saying Koto's trying to kill the Busou Shinki line. Have you seen how the FA Girls line is doing? If anything, Koto making Busou Shinki like the FA Girls line is them trying to duplicate the success of one of their better model kit lines using a pre-existing IP that was said line's spiritual precursor. Everyone has their own opinions on model kits versus action figures, but you can't deny that Koto's model lines sell. Quite well. Also, for the record, Bandai's HG MS Girls are probably in response to Koto's various mecha musume kits, not the other way around.

As for Halcon's questions:
1. Of course. Between FA Girls, Megami Devices, and various other kit lines, Koto's demonstrated that mecha musume is something they can do quite well. Given their normal schedules, I'd expect that Arnval is basically ready to go, with the usual half-a-year timeframe between official listing and release. With that said...
2. ...Kotobukiya does not own the Busou Shinki IP. Konami does. Koto's licensed IPs before, but Konami has a level of head-up-anus that appears to be getting in the way. It's in Konami's hands now.

It seems you haven't read properly my previous comments. No one here denies the success of FA and MD, but here's the point; adding more mecha musume model kit line will end up as self-cannibalism by Koto, not to mention Bandai (and soon another comnpany) joining the market which will just end up as over saturated. On the other hand, considering how the mecha musume action figure market is barely exists and have only one product line, the competition will be far easier and the customer base will be bigger (action figure have way bigger market of consumers then model kits), furthermore you could avoid the possible bad outcomes which I mentioned above. So as you see, it's not just issue of action figure vs model kit as in my personal preference, but also an issue of rational conclusions seeing how the market is. - Toy reviews in Hebrew, one may use google translate.
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