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Getting Started with Blender

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:59 am
by Sciver
First off, I've noticed a fair amount of people suddenly interested in learning Blender...largely due to the sudden consumer availability of 3D printing technology.
As such, I felt it would be apt to share my favorite Blender tutorial site, which I have found genuinely helpful numerous times, despite my pre-existing experience (as in, teaching me better ways than I had been using).

While I haven't needed basic tutorials per se, I have watched other tutorials from this videographer, and I find he is pretty good at explaining what he's doing, how, and why.

Without further ado:
Blender Basics for Beginners

This is a free instruction course aimed at those with little or no 3D experience.
It contains 5 videos, and there are many other tutorial series on related subjects in Blender, hosted on the same domain, when you feel the need for them.

There are some premium membership tutorials on the site, but I find the free content is actually quite abundant. Most of the more novice materials are indeed free.

If you're interested in modeling for 3D printing, or just in general, I highly recommend you thumb through the site's list.

There are even multiple tutorials on some subjects, just to give different perspectives on how to reach the end goal.

I hope this helps.

((As for posting in creativity.... it seemed thematically appropriate))