A'K's Fruity Loops Music

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A'K's Fruity Loops Music

Postby ArcticKitsune » Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:17 am

Hey, thought I'd share some of my Fruity Loops music on here for anybody curious. Messed around with Fruityloops from 3,5,7, and maybe 8 or 9. Been tempted to go back to see if I could update any new tracks at that. Uploaded the few I enjoy most and consider my pride of my musical best.

- Varakitsu's Theme:
(I really want to update this on the latest Fruityloops, or at least try a new theme from scratch and is dated back to 2010.)

- Internal Conflict:
https://soundcloud.com/foxtrance/intern ... fast-tempo

- Internal Conflict (Battle Theme):
https://soundcloud.com/foxtrance/intern ... ttle-theme

Internal Conflict is a track I created out of anger because I didn't want someone to get their musical track used as a theme for a fan-fic story. I consider it one of my best tracks made with Varakitsu's theme being in close second. I'm now struggling to get back on the same level, even surpassing it.
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Re: A'K's Fruity Loops Music

Postby halconfenix » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:27 pm

following.... sounds good so far...

i wonder if i could do the same someday... (more like i have to since i'm studying towards videogame making i'll need to learn just about anything to make my projects a reality)
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