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Re: Mobius Mod Labs

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:39 am
by Xehn
for what little it's worth I've had this site bookmarked a while

Re: Mobius Mod Labs

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:58 pm
by Mobius
Thank you all for the feedback, it's been wonderful. I've had a lull in my modding ever since Christmas, though that's about to change since I've gotten a windfall of models and whatnot, going to try and do this right. I should have all the stuff I need by the end of this week or the beginning of the next.

First up is Natsume - she's been the only one that has had modifications to her actual self and I feel bad about damaging her standard backpack. As such, getting new parts for her as well as a repaint takes priority. Snagged an HG Trans-Am Cheridum which she is going to be using, though I don't know if I should leave the colors as is, add yellow, or completely repaint it.

Second is Fianna (Howling) - she's going to be my foray into the different parts sold by Bandai and Kotobukiya ultimately, by placing those ginormous weapons on Natsume's old backpack. However, she's also going to have Gunplarmor, the Shining Gundam to be precise. Because imagining my close combat girl shouting SHINING FINGEEEEEER at the top of her lungs is hilarious and awesome.

Finally, though I do still intend to do a 'Reborns Charlotte,' I've decided that's going to wait. After all, with two sets of Arnval armor and weapons, she's more than well off. However, I've picked up a Byralant Custom as well, and depending on how that build goes, she might very well use that for a while.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:42 am
by Mobius

While I was doing a repaint of Fianna, I got some flat black on her thighs. No big deal, I went and tried to use my thinner to rub it off, but it wouldn't get out of certain areas. I thought it had stained but... it didn't! And the reason for that was...
Fianna - Big Problem.jpg
And if you can't tell (thanks, low resolution phone camera >>), here are the problems highlighted:
Fianna - Big Problem Highlighted.jpg
I didn't notice it because I hadn't really gone out of my way to use Fianna until today and the cracks were practically invisible before paint got in them. There's a huge fracture going from the right of the thigh screw and making it three-fourths they way around, a second fracture a bit above covering the outer side of the right thigh, and then the third fracture even farther up severing part of the upper thigh from the rest of the leg completely.

The ball joint is OK, I've managed to glue the severed piece back on, but this is really bad and I didn't know about it until just now. And thanks to this, I'll probably either need to paint the skin with another skin tone or cover it with something... Sorry, Fia! ;-;

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:05 am
by Shikaze
Use bandage I'd say. As backstory, either she got damaged or she's sealing something with the damage.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:18 pm
by Caterwaul
Epoxy, sand, and repaint if you ask me.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:50 pm
by Mobius
Caterwaul wrote:Epoxy, sand, and repaint if you ask me.
Shikaze wrote:Use bandage I'd say. As backstory, either she got damaged or she's sealing something with the damage.
I like both of these ideas, but what do you mean by epoxy?

Edit: I know what it is, and I am getting it

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:22 pm
by bang04
I think like Caterwaul

when model has a little crack you can use tamiya putty to fill in the crack (not epoxy putty) and sanding with water sandpaper to make it smooth.

I suggest Tamiya white putty not the grey one in youtube, its better texture.

With this technique you need to repaint every fresh color.

I'm not sure that is just scratch or crack, you may use water sandpaper #1000 sanding before use putty. if it just little scratch, it will disappear, but the surface will change and need some clear color for coating

if crack is too small for putty (may be your case), you can use Super Glue to fill in the crack too. Use toothpick brush little by little, not drop. Super Glue have resin texture, it can fill in small crack easily. Then sanding with water sandpaper and repaint.

I suggest alteco super glue ... R_GLUE.jpg

Re: Mobius Mod Labs

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:50 pm
by Mobius
Haven't posted here in a while, but given that I nearly have all the girls I want with their initial modifications, it's time to see what else I can do.

First off, my main priority is securing a Tempesta - I've gone on about this, and I probably will until I get her. It'll take me a month, maybe a month and a half at best, but I do see me getting her. I was thinking of getting her the Banshee Destroy High Grade kit, but seeing as that claw doesn't move and the plastic's a solid yellow instead of the MG's clear orange, mods for her are going to take a little bit of thinking.

Now onto the girls sitting next to me...
Natsume 8.13.2013.JPG
Yay high-res camera!
As much as I love the look of the Neutron Launcher (trademark) on Natsume, there's as much of a charm if not more for her without it. I honestly have no real idea how to mod her, especially since the Schmetterling parts close up most of the plugs for additional equipment. Maybe if I can get another one of those special braces like the one Arnval Mk.2 (and I think all MMS 3rds) come from, I can work something nice.
Lynette 8.13.2013.JPG
Lynette, being the lucky girl that got the most work put into her - even me getting a rivet punch and trying to figure out how to use it - is probably going to be the last one to get new modifications. I like Reborns Lynette, she looks nice the way she is, and both Charlotte and Natsume look very bare compared to her.

I have however, thought of giving her either parts from the 00 Raiser or 00 QAN[T] - Lynette has seemingly taken over the role of Funnel Girl, and pulls off the look quite well. I plan to put the Twin Drives on the sides of the wing binders - the backpack can support it, but that's not the issue. I'd need two QAN[T]s to pull off the look correctly, and let's face it, that's a lot of cash (60 bucks?). Yet, I honestly think if I get the 00 Raiser, it's better off going to Charlotte for that duality theme.

An alternative - if I can get them - are either Hi-Nu Gundam to replace or supplement the Reborns wings, or go complete overkill and get a Kshatriya, but that may cause weight issues.
Charlotte 8.13.2013.JPG
Charlotte on the other hand I know EXACTLY what I want to do with her, and surprise! It's not a Gunpla I want for her! I was looking for possible alternatives to claws for Juliette (the Tempesta) when I came across the M.S.G. weapon sets - and then found they went to this robot line called Frame Arms. And one in particular caught our fancy.


Being the melee fighter of our little family - even more so than the Gundams, go figure, Charlotte fell in love with this Hresvelgr instantly, and I can't say I blame her. Scythes, the look, the blue and white... And furthermore, I read that these things are not that expensive and are 14.5 centimeters, right in the same ballpark as the Shinki's 15. If anyone's used Frame Arms before, do you know if the inner frame uses holes for the legs or arms that are Shinki-sized?

Re: Mobius Mod Labs

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:54 pm
by bang04

Re: Mobius Mod Labs

Posted: Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:15 am
by Klinkin
Ah, the Hresvelgr. I actually just ordered one off Amazon; they might have a few more in stock. Slightly more expensive base price than HLJ, but free shipping more than makes up for it. My experience with the weapon unit I have is that the holes and pegs for them are slightly too small; Koto uses 3mm pegs, whereas the Shinki pegs have a total diameter of 1/8 inches, or about 3.125mm. It's close, but not close enough; 3mm polycap holes can take Shinki pegs without modification (this will stretch the cap, though), but you'd need to do a slight bit of work to get the pegs and holes to all match up.