Minecraft - Busou Shinki Statues

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Minecraft - Busou Shinki Statues

Post by ArcticKitsune » Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:27 am

Thought I'd try video'ing me doing Busou Shinki statues/monuments in Minecraft on my server. Shouldn't hurt, right? First few videos might end up being painful, though I shall try to make them as enjoyable to view as possible. I'm basically doing this for both for fun and to add Shinkis onto my "Busou Shinki Road" on my server that leads to Renge's main shrine. I didn't see it on Cboxia so I simply added it onto my server. I "could" add them onto Cboxia, but only if people end up making a Busou Shinki city, and only when I'm around.

If anybody has any Minecraft skins that I can replicate in statue form may feel free to send them to me, have me present when making them on Cboxia, or be present on my server without griefing. :P

Disclaimer: I noted that I was making "time-lapse" videos, but it is more of a fake sped-up kind. Sorry. Once I know how to actually do actual Minecraft time-lapses then I'll remove this disclaimer bit. Maybe. Hope you enjoy it regardless.


01) Minecraft - Busou Shinki - Kohiru:

02) Minecraft - Busou Shinki - Renge:
Coming soon.....Possibly next Saturday.
(Already did normal and Santa. May simply remake them for Busou Shinki road at specific areas.)

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