The Action Figure Customization Thread

For pictures & videos or created works such as Signatures, Avatars & Wallpapers.

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Re: The Action Figure Customization Thread

Post by OHWceta » Tue May 14, 2013 1:54 pm

Caterwaul wrote:We dont have rules against thread necromancy so I wouldnt worry about it.

Looking nice, whatd you make them from?
I thought I mentioned it in my previous post (or the one way back when I posted prototype photos.)

Raven is a a hope summers body with a Maria Hill head. The shoulders I stole from an Iron Man figure. I sculpted the armor completely from scratch.

Hades is a Human Torch Head and Stealth Iron Man Body

Xen is a Torso and head from Green Lantern Movie 6" Ghu and the arms legs from the Irom Man who lended its shoulders to Raven.

Tanka Varn is a Halo Elite Ranger. I sculpted the entire head and hump. I added a rubber band from a lego toy and gears from a model tank for his robitic arm.

I used Testors Model Master Accryl for paint. You get a pretty cool effect from Raven and Hades' armor that wont show up via photos. For the red parts on them I used a base coat of chrome and then covered it with Transparent Red.
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Re: The Action Figure Customization Thread

Post by SumomoKei » Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:40 pm

Saw someone do this somewhere, so I made my own green lantern batman. Its just a headswap and superglue for the cape.


I also made my own sinestro corp scarcrow from a defective sinestro (if you look closely, he has two right arms). I cut up a beige shirt and stitched the mouth. I didnt like how the official one looked.
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