Creativity Corner Rules

For pictures & videos or created works such as Signatures, Avatars & Wallpapers.

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Creativity Corner Rules

Post by Chaos Incarnate » Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:52 am

Forum Rules for Creativity Corner:

1. Keep it clean. No nudity or explicit content. I know that Shinkis are cute ladies, and there is an inclination to have your fantasies and hormones run wild with them, especially after browsing Gelbooru. Fine, but keep it off the boards. If you're not sure what's acceptable as you near the grayline, use the "Grandma Policy". If you aren't comfortable showing it to your grandma, you might want to think twice about posting it here. If you have something that you are very proud of and want to show to everyone, but doesn't meet with these standards, you can post a link to your image, so long as that link is plainly and clearly labeled "NSFW" or "Naughty" or "Not for sensitive eyes!" or what you feel is most pertinent.

2. Keep it small. (-ish) Not everyone on the internet has huge monitors or is running large resolutions. Please, if your image goes wider than 1200 pixels, see about resizing it. I know that many imagehosters such as Flickr or Photobucket will kindly resize your pictures for you.

3. Keep it organized. Some of you are very creative people, I'm sure. Please, for the sanity of the forum, keep all your creativity in one thread, so that we don't have to wade through a sea of threads to find the one we want. NOTE: There are exceptions to this rule, please PM me for details, if you feel you need one.

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