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Hoihoi-san, an old but related cute robot manga

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:45 am
by quotemarks
English Wikipedia page about Hoihoi-san

TVTropes page about Hoihoi-san

Hoihoi-san, I feel, is one of the design/concept ancestors of the Busou Shinki. She is ALSO a smol 1:1 action doll robot, only she comes from a dark future where cockroaches have become immune to common pesticides, and her job is to be the most adorable exterminator of these cursed roaches.

Chogokin Hoihoi-san Regular Edition

Chogokin Hoihoi-san (Heavily Equipped edition)

Chogokin Combat-san

There's a whole manga about Hoihoi-san and the people who collect her kind (can be found on the Internet these days), and a short OVA that ties to the manga (can be found on Youtube these days).

I managed to get my hands on Hoihoi-san and Combat-san, and their size and styling is why I believe them to be the ancestors of our beloved shinki - They have SoC processor/storage setups like ultra-miniaturized PCs/Laptops, just like Shinki have a similar SoC processor array and SDcard support, and they have a charging stand system that predates the wireless induction chargers of the shinki (Voltage contacts in their feet). Unfortunately compared to shinki their computing power is so primitive they lack sapience and shinki-level autonomy, and they're treated more like appliances and dolls in their manga rather than like little companions like shinki.

Unboxing video of Hoihoi-san by some youtuber

Pics of Regular Hoihoi-san in a review

Here's the Combat-san I own, iPod for scale.

Re: Hoihoi-san, an old but related cute robot manga

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:29 am
by quotemarks

Hoihoi-san's scale compared to shinki. Bigger head and hands, more 'rounded' body shaped that is more childlike.

Her default 'neutral' faceplate has eyes that can be moved via a panel setup.