Megahouse's Desktop Army

For discussion of all the other girl+mecha lines that have cropped up since Shinki began: Frame Arms: Girls, Megami Device, Armor Girls Project, Desktop Army, etc. This includes kinda-sortas like Daibadi's Polynian and things like Strike Witches and Fumikane's original Mecha Musume.
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Megahouse's Desktop Army

Post by Xehn » Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:16 am

The company Megahouse revealed a new line some time ago called Desktop Army. It is a line of small figures with the exact same play-pattern as Busou Shinki: small robot girls, with modular armor and weapons.
The difference is, Desktop Army are trading figures: they're sold by the case on places like Amiami, with weapons and armor unassembled and unpainted, model kit style.

The first wave, Sylphy-series, was designed by Blade (yes, that Blade).

The second wave, Chrom-series, was designed by Tanimeso (yes, that Tanimeso).

The third wave, most recently revealed at Summer Wonfes 2016, is the Millennia(?)-series, designed by Yanase Takayuki (noticing a trend here?)

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Re: Megahouse's Desktop Army

Post by rubixbox » Mon May 21, 2018 9:30 pm

Guys, I think I'm hooked on a new mecha musume line.


This figure is so goddamn cute. I'm gonna see if I can track down the other two Gourai variants. And the Slyphy variants. And the three Fate/Grand Order tie-in figures. And the rest of the line if possible.

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