Battle Masters MK2 questions

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Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Xary » Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:35 pm

Hello peoples, I'm new around here, got drawn to Busou Shinki universe because I'm a sucker for mecha musumes, been obssessed with battle masters mk2 ever since then

But lets get down to the actual topic here

I've recently got my copy of BSmk2 and played a few matches, being a complete stranger to what's what I've been struggling a bit but eventually got through to a somewhat acceptable performance and shinki build

Took arnval because to be quite fair I didn't feel like taking any other shinki considering all the other starters seemed to have lower stats(for what I could actually understand), to other players I'm sure other shinkis have their strengths but I have NO IDEA what I was doing so I took the shinki with the seemingly superior stats...

However there is certain things I STILL don't get at all

I'll make a little list here of thoses thing, peoples who could inform me PLEASE DO, I'm a tad in need of help with thoses topics

1:equipement requirements
At one point right before I entered the F3 ladder I had purchased some HUGE leg parts (black with some green lighty bits'n'stuff also had a DEF stat of around 30 or 40, you get that unlocked in the shop after beating the F3 champion in the arcade room place-thingy) and when I went to equip it on my arnval, a message popped up and I couldn't equip it, so I just dropped the thing and got on with the F3 ladder, after that I was ROUGHLY lvl11 with my main shinki and tried again by accident somewhat, it actually did work

So here I'm guessing there a stat or lvl cap to equip some parts ?

So is it lvl or stat related ?

And how to see when the part becomes available for equiping ?

2:Special actions
I see shinkis doing some really high speed maneuvers, zipping around like bullets gone mad or use a sort of patterned attack or just an outright bullet spam (like that missile burst move-thingy), although I learned how to counter thoses rather fast
(by dashing, jumping or just shooting/bashing the fool before he'd start moving)
In all the cases I found out that no matter what I'd try I just couldn't pull off the same tricks, after poking around I found that there was a menu to equip things related to a D-pad with names like "Route 2" or "OIL" or "NITRO" after trying with a spare Shinki to fiddle around with this I still couldn't figure jack out of it and I tried a few things, but again trying to figure this out while being shot at just SCREAMS to me to simply drop it and bash away at whoever is bugging me...

So could someone PLEASE tell me how to trigger thoses and perhaps tutor me as to wich thing does what ?

3:"Super armor" ?!
Sometimes happened during a fight that I'd go agaisnt broadsword users and when I'd try go toe-to-toe with them using my own melee (Using daggers for overall reaction time) and hit them ahead of their own melee hit the words "super armor" and my hit would just slide off not stunning my ennemy and I'd end up getting mauled anyway (resulted in me usually avoiding melee unless I get the first hit off clean)

Now my question would be

What triggers "super armor" ?

Is it the DEF value of the shinki's equipement or a sort of gizmo they have on ?

Or is it just because of the fact they use broadswords ?

I think thats about all I need to know right now, looking forward to answers...

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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Zenislez » Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:58 pm

Hello there Xari. Welcome to the club where people throw away their wallet and money because of their love for shinkis :schmetterling: . Hope you enjoy your stay.
Joking, joking. No offense guys.

Unfortunately, I dont have pics to help, but I'll try to describe and help you the best I can. Here we go.

Before we begin....
Which Shinki should I choose?
Actually the answer for this one is simple. Choose the one you like the most and stick to her. Love and skill can overcome any obstacles. Starting stats only matter when you start. At high level and gear, starting stats doesn't matter. Their Ride Max skill does matter. And their special RA and EX RA. What is RA? I'll explain it below when answering question number two.
However, if you really want the best one, we can discuss it later since we need to focus on your big three question.

1. Equipment Requirements. Why I can't equip certain parts? It does not fit? Is my shinki overweight???
Parts have not only cost requirement, but also rank requirement. To see where the rank level of each part, take a good look at lower right bottom screen during parts selection. For weapon, the rank requirement is written just beside the attack rating. For parts and armor, the rank is written above def rating.
Your shinki rank depends entirely from the shinki love level. You can see at the top left screen. The rank is just below the love level.

To make it simple
Rank 1 is love 1-5
Rank 2 is love 6-10
Rank 3 is love 11-14
Rank 4 is love 15-18
Rank 5 is love 19-22
Rank 6 is love 23-26
Rank 7 is love 27 and above.
Though the cost start to stop growing (max cost your shinki can take is 1500) at love 30, you can keep going for reason for your own. My beloved Erica (Altlene) is love 57 right now.

2. Special Action. Where you see other shinki zipped like a bullet and ram your poor shinki. But you know what? You can do it too!.
These are called Rail Action, or where we in here usually just called it RA for easier discussion. They need SP to activate it during battle. You can equip four RA and assign them to four direction. Up, Left, Right, Down. To activate it, press the coresponding direction and both triangle and circle at the same time. If correct, you can hear a sound indicating it is activating and your shinki squat for a sec then do the RA. Some condition will skip the squat animation though, making it faster and more dangerous.

There four types of RA
1. Movement. Self explanatory, usually evasion or repositioning movement, though some of them can be used to rush your opponent.
2. Attack. Self explanatory, attack with the weapon you equip.
3. Combination. Basically attack, but with double weapon.
4. Special. This is each shinki special RA. Usually very damaging but cost a ton of sp, need specific equipment and quite risky. You get it for free once your shinki reach level 20 and see the event for Special RA and level 30 and the event for Special RA EX.

To equip RA, when you customized your shinki, there are four selection (these are not translation but just kinda).
Part equip
RA equip
Save setting
Load setting

So to equip the RA, choose the second part and you can see there are four slot with direction with it. So you can assign which direction will do which RA.

Hold your horses, we're not done yet.

One thing that is important, you must choose the correct attack RA with your weapon equip. If you want to use a knuckle RA, then you need to equip a knuckle and equip the knuckle RA.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to write the Japanese language in here, but the order of the attack RA (after the movement:route and have the prefix ATK:...) is
Double Dagger
Pile Bunker
One Handed Sword
Dual Saber
Big Sword
Musical Instrument
Bazooka (actually more like Grenade Launcher)
Air Mine
Particle Blaster

Maybe not all available from the start, but as you keep go fighting the shinki that have that RA, eventually you will get it too.
The easiest way to counter a RA is by knowing what weapon they use, the RA available, and the RA route and timing. And some of them have special properties, which I will explain below.

3. Super Armor?! Why on earth they keep going even though I hit her with a bazooka? Did she woke up at the wrong side of the charger and is completely pissed??
Actually some weapon and RA have special properties attach to them. So far I know three of them.

Shot Guard. During the attack all range weapon are defended where they will only take minimal damage and not interrupted. Spear and Dual Saber have this properties during the first swing and some special RA have this trait as well.

Guard. During the first swing or aproaching, all attack are defended and their attack is not interrupted. Big sword and Axe have this properties during their first swing and their RA.

Super Armor. During the attack, they took damage, but will never be interrupted. Hammer have this properties (which is the reason that although slow, fighting a shinki with a hammer at melee is a nightmare) as well the RA and some special RA.

Remember though, Super Armor is unbreakable, but you can break the other two if you use a powerful attack. Though depends on the shinki trait and equip, it will be easier or harder to break.
Example, My Rin (Yda) Big sword attack only can defend against lighter weapon (below big sword) and lighter range weapon (HG, SMG) while My Erica (Altlene) can withstand all weapon (even their RA) with impunity.

I also highly recommend you to read this. It is a simple guide that will make it easier to understand about the game mechanic. Kudos to OshareKeiji for making the mini faq ... s/55716579

I don't realize it already this long. Hope this will help.
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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Xary » Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:06 am

Thanks for the answers, it truly helps a ton...

Anywho to get on the subject of the shinki chosing

I think to chose a shinki it would be better to base my choice off my play style, to me it makes sense....

My battle style relies mainly on medium to short range fighting
Using a lot of machine guns sometimes at point blank or to hit a ennemy as he gets back on its feets, usually should my ennemy resort to melee RAs I'd wait the last second to jump in the ennemy's back to them throw them further away just to go back into machine gun most effective ranges (higher level weapons have a longer barrel, seems stupid to say but its more annoying than one would believe)

In other words

I prefer to get right up in your face to blast it away

Is what I would say

Of course this has its flaws and makes me somewhat vulnerable against long range weapons (the first 3 on 1 fight is an absolute chore without that 700 range cannon (or at least I THINK its the thingy's range) you get for free somewhere) wich is why I thought that perhaps I should need a long range specialist Shinki for thoses occasions

Also, its a bit of a silly question but, is there a risk my shinkis try to blast each other's faces off if I'm not careful ?

Like having too many shinkis could raise conflicts between them ?

I really don't want that to happen....

P.S.:silly forum keeps on bugging cuz I have no signature >:U

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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Zenislez » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:33 am

Don't worry. Your shinkis won't blast each other even if you take all of them under your wing. Think of it like a harem "quote from someone".

Middle to short range with a SMG, gatling and dual dagger as melee right? And judging from your post, I assume you play aggresive and rush the enemy without giving them a chance to recover.

Remember, all shinkis can be good at anything, depending on your skill. It just some of them is better at something. THERE ARE NO BAD SHINKI. Only bad player. So these below I reccommend for you just because they have atk up in ride max that can make your attack really scary. Do note that some of the pro and cons is just my opinion. You and the others may vary.

Pros: good with drill, bits, usually fast, small size make some terrain elevation useable as defense
Cons: bad with dual dagger

Pros: good with gatling, particle blaster, pile bunker
Cons: bad with hammer and musical instrument

Pros: good with 1h sword, thrown, one of the fastest shinki
Cons: bad with shotgun

Pros: good with 1h sword, launcher, one of the fastest shinki, flexible can play long or short range
Cons: No cons!

Pros: good with 2h sword, the only shinki that kept her hairstyle in almost hair accesories, ridiculously tough
Cons: sluggish, questionable air mine, bad with bits, totally inept at range, desu spammer

Pros: good with handgun, dual dagger
Cons: bad with bazooka

Pros: good with spear, bazooka, fast
Cons: bad with missile

Pros: good with 1h sword, rifle, one of the fastest shinki
Cons: bad with pile bunker

Pros: good with pile bunker, handgun, one of the fastest shinki, quite durable
Cons: bad with 2h sword

The others that I don't reccommended is not because they are bad. It's just their specialty is either survival or sniper. And like I said before, the easiest way is just choose your favourite shinki.
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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Xary » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:31 am

Now I'm no expert at the shinki identification
(haven't learned enough about them in general)

But I'm thinking my save file already has a Fubuki
(didn't pay for it, some random dude gave it to me or somethin', dunno whats up with that) anywho I'll be getting myself a Zelnogard for long range purposes while still keeping me Arnval for now....She kinda grew on me now ._.

Zelnogard kinda looks like Fubuki only blonde right ?

And to be honest I may or may not have ignored the gatling up 'till now because of how inaccurate I fear it to be...

Maybe I should put a Screenshot instead of trying to describe all me builds huh ?

I didn't knew I'd get freebies by doing the F3 ladder too....When I finally stopped by my stash I noticed I had a nearly full set of Eukrante ( :eukrante: yeah her) armor and I didn't even knew....

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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Zenislez » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:11 am

Arnval also nice as a sniper. Launcher specialty and during ride max, she increase her def, speed and weapon reload increase.

Fubuki..yeah. You get her during an event with Jinpei (the strange guy with maochao named tamako. Know him, he will be your BFF in the game). And Zelnogard hairstyle almost the same like fubuki except Blonde.

Sure, you can post or screenshot of your equip. Just remember, you can customize any shinki so it can satisfy your battling style. Just pick your favourite.

Speaking of which one is which shinki, you maybe want to look at busou shinki battle rondo wiki. Last time I check, they have both the name and pic of each shinki. Or you can try google it.
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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by OshareKeiji » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:01 am

As the resident Ach specialist, let me just correct you on one thing: Ach does have a weakness, and that is a significant lack of boost duration when using base equipment. This is bad for a high speed type because while she does move fast, Ach loses dash stride so much that it can be a pain.

It can be remedied with the appropriate equipment/accessory abilities though.
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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Zenislez » Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:39 am

Ah, OshareKeiji, you finally arrived.

Well, he just started playing Battle Master, so I thinking about let him choose and know the basic thing first. At least back then I also start from the basic thing. That is choosing your battle style and shinki.

OshareKeiji not only Ach specialist, but also know a lot of in and out of Battle Master.
My self is Altlene specialist.

And my fighting style is so different that know I pretty much very akward at using other shinki and other fighting style.

So while we can give advice, it's all up to you how your battle style will be. Ach is good cause she don't have cons. At least until you specialize her since no shinki is perfect.
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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by Xehn » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:32 pm

"same hair as fubuki but blonde" doesn't help much when you can change hair/eye colors on your shinki, and most NPCs have...

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Re: Battle Masters MK2 questions

Post by star » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:48 pm

also some special rail attacks have super armor, Ianeira's is almost unstoppable once started unless you completely wipe out her life meter while she is preforming it, and unless she is to close or to far, it is really hard to dodge, some other shinki may have this but I don't know of any right now, But other shinki like Sharatang can be stopped if hit while starting or hard enough while they are charging at the other shinki, also sharatangs only weapons are a sword and throughing weapons, but I found that she is really good with throughing weapons forn close up, and sometimes far away and her special becomes unbreakable once she makes contact with the other shinki or reaches a certain point and begins to play cello

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