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Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:47 am
by SevenSeals
I just saw Strike Witches and I loved it. So I wanted to try my hand at making my own strike witch in a different part of the world.

Name: Alexis R. Kihona
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Nationality: United States of Liberion
Rank: Lieutenant
Striker Unit: P-40N Kittyhawk
Unit: 76th Fighter Squadron "Banshees"
Animal Feature: Lynx
Pantsu: A loincloth made of leather, stripped a little more than a common loincloth to allow even greater range of movement
Uniform: Olive drab colored fatigue blouse with sleeves rolled up and a white undershirt. If time permits wears face paint fashioned after Mohave tattoos.
Speciality: Sniper
Magic Speciality: Able to mimic other witches magical specialities but as a weaker form.

1904A4 Springfield with M84 Telescope
Colt M1911
M1905 Bayonet

A spiritual girl that hails from San Antonio, Texas. While she is quiet and usually prefers solitude away from other witches, she is very hospitable when approached. She loves a good dish, often asking for seconds and even thirds and is open to praise those that do well in their endeavors, but is quick to anger and just as quick to condemn those that speak ill of whatever friends she makes. Years of hunting with her father and being part Mohave have given her features of a Lynx, enhancing her abilities as a sniper and granting her the magic to mimic other witches attributes, albeit minor in comparison. This, however, is a dangerous ability to perform as it creates a immeasurable amount of stress on the body and consumes almost as much stamina to generate the spell, ultimately causing her to use it only under dire circumstances. Following her heritage's legends though, she believes the cost of using the spell will greatly lessen if she is ever paired with a witch that has qualities of a Cougar.

Busty for a 15 year old. As busty as Lynette Bishop
Loves Key Lime Pie

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:47 am
by nanashi
Name: Annabeth L. Steiner
Nickname/Codename: The White Lion, Mama Annie
Age: 17
Hair Color: Light Brown with Dark Blonde touches.
Eye Color: Green with a very thin brown ring in each iris.
Nationality: Liberion
Rank: Major/Squadron Leader
Unit: United States Air Force, Over Seas Detachment, Head of European Section Liberion Training Acadamy Combat Courses
Striker Unit: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
Animal Feature: Lioness

Thompson submachine gun Model Model 1928.
Browning M1911 pistol with Adjusted Sights, a built in compensator and sapphire colored laser sight.
A Bazooka.

Born in Northern Texas, her magical powers manifested at a young age. She was, of course, recruited and trained, before being sent to Europe to get hands on training. It seems they have forgotten about her, though, as she has been there since she was 13, and is now 16, and has received several promotions. She can be seen as lazy, lounging around and sleeping most of the time, though she has been known to be a vicious and relentless hunter. She tends to coddle and baby her subordinates, and is a very playful and caring person. Just don't fuck with her subordinates, she is a lioness, and you don't fuck with their cubs.

Her animal features are lion ears with scruffy fur, and a lion's tail, complete with a scruffy tuft of hair on the end. Her canines are permentantly elongated and sharp, and she tends to wear a long white under shirt, white panties, with a denim jacket and a straw cowboy hat. Her Striker Unite is heavy, and has an extra engine on the side of each one, allowing her to fly quite fast and much farther than a normal Witch. It is painted a navy blue, and has a white star on both the extra engines, and on the bottom ends of both of the leg pieces are large, smiling mouths full of sharp teeth, and slanted eyes with slit pupils. Up the side of the right leg are the words "White Lion", and on the left leg "Call me Mama". Further, the backs of the strikers each have pictures of naked women on them. Both have the same hairstyle and hair color as Annie herself, both are posed with their arms lifted over their heads, hands clapsed together, looking straight foreward so only the backs of their heads, their backs, arms, and their legs can be seen.

Her special power is that she can transform her left forearm and hand into a fur covered claw that can rip and tear even Neuroi apart. The only draw back is that she has to be pretty damn close to get a grip on the damn thing. She likes to fly far away, then dive bomb it, splitting it inhalf with her claw.

Lazy, and tends to be found eating something. Usually a fried chicken leg or some sort of burger. B-Cup. She has a total of 158 kills. 103 scored under daylight, the rest at night. She refuses the classification of Night Witch though. She dislike night time missions: "I'm trieing to sleep here!" Most of these kills are marked as 'Liberia lending assistance to Europe.' She would have many more kills, but she is currently stuck in a low combat zone, training rookie witches. She preffers her students call her "Mama Annie".

I've always been a big fan of Strike Witches. FTW.

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:10 pm
by nascar241993
Ok here goes nothing:
My Strike Witch fan character:
Name:Roxanne Jackson
Hair color:Orange
Hair size:Large
Eye color:Red
Animal Features:Fox ears and Fox tail
Striker Unit:P-38 Lightning
Nationality:United States of Liberion
Armament:M1 Garand scope mounted, M18 57mm Recoiless Rifle
Personality:Normal but badass fighter in combat
Appeal:She wears a standard issue shirt with a white undershirt and red and white striped panties.
Unit:72nd Strike Wing

Story:Hailing from Dallas, Texas, she came to Europe on
a trip to explore parts of Europe. She then ends up questioning
what she can be able to do. She sees a motivational poster that
inspired her to join the Strike Witches program. She got put in
the 72nd strike group where she learned she was capable of gaining
experience on the battle field.

She is sometimes mischievous, yet she is still normal, makes friend very well,
and doesn't have trouble getting around. She is also a very good navigator as well.
Her power allows her to make multiple holographic copies of herself to distract her

Trivia:She has a bust size near that of Charlotte Yeager.

Edit:Switched M1917 Water cooled machine gun to M18 57mm Recoiless Rifle.

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:47 pm
by SevenSeals
solo wrote:What's with all the Texan witches? ;) Maybe I'll give this a shot... have to think about it first.
I wish I knew, but there's about to be another one here. My old man wants to have one made D= So I interviewed him. This is strictly his witch.

Name: Dove "Lonesome" Klement
Age: 17
Hair Color: Cherry Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: United States of Liberion
Rank: Captain
Striker Unit: P-38J
Unit: 23rd Fighter Squadron. "The Crazy Horses"
Animal Feature: Wolverine
Pantsu: White G-string style with a large yellow star on the crotch area
Uniform: The typical USAAF brown button up service blouse used during the WWII era with matching service coat. When not in service coat, she deviates a little from regulation and leaves her cuffs unbuttoned and sleeves partially rolled up to the elbows.
Magic Speciality: Great feats of strength

2x .50 Cal M2HB
.45 Colt Single Action Army Revolver
M-1942 Machete

A girl that hails from Waco, Texas, but does not favor its extremely hot weather. She's blunt, loud, and proud of it, one that relishes in the midsts of competition. Before joining the service, she was a Rodeo Diva, voted as Queen of the West several times for her flawless beauty and one of the fastest barrel racers in the nation. Her reputation has soared to nation wide attention, appearing as a guest for several radio stations and periodicals. She is the one of the most sought after girls for high school boys and many from her school come to see her swimming sessions during the summer when the heat at its peak. A very competitive girl, she takes almost every event as a contest and does not like to anyone. Her ferocious attitude off and on the field has given her the affinity of the Wolverine, granting her immense strength that can allow her to carry her signature twin M2HB machine guns to battle. Like the wolverine she is quick to anger and frequently uses her ferocity to get her point across, though it rarely works with her superiors. Her negative attitude has brought conflict to her fellow witches on several occasions, leaving her little in the way of having friends. Because of this, she is dubbed by her peers as "The Lonesome Dove". But under her violent exterior is a soft spot that some say she is afraid to expose.

Her father is a Texas Ranger
Does not like how Brittanians ride horses

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:14 am
by Xehn
Name: Katya Vasylievna Harkov
Age: 16
Hair Color: Soft Blonde
Eye Color: Aqua
Nationality: Orussia
Rank: Withheld
Striker Unit: Su-47 Berkut
Unit: Ghost
Familiar: Caracal
Magic Specialty: Time stop
Pantsu: Opaque black tights

Silenced Nagant M1895 revolver
Throwing Knives

Katya is from the modern era; She used to be a test pilot in the Orussian Air Force, and during the final test flight of an advanced Striker, she flew over a hangar where a magic enhancer was being tested. The unit exploded, the shockwave reacting with Katya's ability, and flung her back in time, a few years after the 501st was officially disbanded.

She's a quiet girl, though friendly. She's experienced several incidents in her past that lead to her being split up from people she cared about, and has become afraid of it happening again, to the point she'll occasionally experience nightmares.


Name: Abby Wilder
Age: 15
Hair Color: Golden blonde
Eye Color: Aqua
Nationality: Brittanian/Chinese
Rank: Withheld
Striker Unit: F4U Corsair
Unit: Ghost
Familiar: Liger
Magic Specialty: Perfect night vision (darkness is as clear as if it were daylight)
Pantsu: Plain black

Modified Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle

Abby is of odd heritage. Her father's parents are from Africa, while her mother is Chinese; In addition to her Familiar being a reflection of her heritage, this gives her a tall, slender build, with skin darker than other Brittanians, yet lighter than those with pure African heritage. She's an outgoing, kind sort, with a strong preference for hugging her friends whenever she feels like it.

As a side-effect of her magic, her eyes are permanently altered to a bright aqua shade. She felt odd about how the combination of dark hair and blue eyes looked with her complexion, and thus had her hair bleached.


Name: Adelaide Rizzo
Age: 17
Hair Color: Grayish brown
Eye Color: Grayish green
Nationality: Romagnian
Rank: Withheld
Striker Unit: Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario
Unit: Ghost
Familiar: Common Kestrel
Magic Specialty: Healing
Pantsu: Green

Glisenti Model 1910 pistol
MG 151 autocannon

Adelaide is the oldest daughter of a large family; caring for her younger siblings lead her to learn how to cook, something she found quite entertaining. She serves as both Ghost's medic and its cook, preparing meals both on-base (when they're at a base) and when making camp for the night somewhere else. Adelaide is a rather gentle soul, caring for her group as though they were her own sisters. If someone tries to skip a meal, she makes sure they don't leave without eating!

Her metabolism is overactive because of the energy her healing needs; thus, she's quite often snacking, regardless of if she's at rest or at work.

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:35 am
by SevenSeals
solo wrote:
(OK, so I cheated, I based her off this fantastic fan art and used this guy as her archetype, naturally.)

lol nothing wrong with that, I mean, most if not all the strike witches were after real life pilots anyway

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:52 pm
by Arasu
I have to say, after seeing this topic, I started searching for Strike Witches RP boards. Since I couldn't find any, I ended up creating one. And as such, I invite anyone and everyone to it~!

Re: Fan-made Strike Witches

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:11 am
by SevenSeals
Arasu wrote:I have to say, after seeing this topic, I started searching for Strike Witches RP boards. Since I couldn't find any, I ended up creating one. And as such, I invite anyone and everyone to it~!
lol i just saw this