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Re: Quality of Busou Shinki

Post by The_Hermit » Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:07 pm

Major bump, but I just received Sharatang and I have some questions/issues about her.

1. It was hell to change her expression. I tried pulling off her face but it didn't work. Then I tried to wedge my finger nail in between the hair and the head, hurting my thumbs in the process (which seems to be a running theme with Sharatang). I seperated the two a little bit but the face couldn't be pulled off completely. In the end I took a hobby knife and carefully wedged it in between, and seperated them. I put on the calm face, but decided to swap back to the old face a few hours later. Now this head (her neutral face) is VERY loose. It barely sticks to the hair piece. I'm not happy with this. Has anyone else have this happen ?

2. Her chest armor doesn't really lock in the way it should. There's two 'hooks' on the front and one in the back that are supposed to keep the armor tight to her body, but that doesn't quite work on mine. I can hook the back on but the front is impossible. It's a minor issue but it still kinda bugs me.

3. One of her hair tails (?) feels like it is glued in place. I can twist it around (sorta) but it doesn't feel quite right. The instructions say the hair can be removed but I'm scared I'll rip the peg right off. I pulled on it carefully but I thought I saw stress marks on the peg. The other hair piece was easily removed.

I'm pretty happy with my purchase but I'm not really going to fiddle around with her like this. Also my fingers hurt.

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Re: Quality of Busou Shinki

Post by Hylian Pirate » Mon Nov 22, 2010 6:56 pm

Had similar issues with Sharatang. I didn't notice her face being loose after I put it back on though. That wasn't near as bad with Razz. Many have reported that a soak in some warm water does wonders for the faces and hair though.

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