Tsumanne's Shinki Travels (19 August 2015)

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Re: Tsumanne's Shinki Travels (23 July 2015)

Post by Lock Cade » Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:55 am

Glad that you get along great with your boss.

And wow, I had to look really hard to find Zel in that one photo. She's that good at hiding! =O

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Re: Tsumanne's Shinki Travels (19 August 2015)

Post by Tsumanne » Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:51 pm

I got the day off before leaving Bahrain to go take Shinki pictures so after packing and other responsible stuff, I grabbed the girls and headed out.
About three hours into Shinki sight-seeing, my phone rang. I knew better, but I answered it. There had been a crisis of sorts at work and they needed me to come in to help fix things.
Day off canceled lol. Oh well, I got a few Shinki pictures in at least. Besides, it was hot.

Kingdom of Bahrain
Summer 2015 - Continued

Decided to swing by Qal`at al-Bahrain. The ancient harbour and capital of the Dilmun Civilization as well as a 400 year old fort.
I like history stuff.

Inside the inner courtyard of the fort.




Naturally, Fubuki kept to the shadows.


One happy Zelnogrard. Zel has been in heaven the past 4 months.

And one overheated Lacamento. Kayrn... has had it rough. I need to get her to a beach sometime soon.
A mirage is a scary thing you know :fubuki:

And this trip is officially over. Maybe... Maybe I'll actually get some time home in Florida this time. And some rest.

Until next time,
Stay classy BSW!
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