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Zenigame's BR log

Post by Maou Zenigame » Thu Apr 16, 2009 1:42 am

...eh, I decided what the hell, might as well do this.
But if it's not wanted here, I'll stop.

First post will be a rundown of my various Shinki and what I'm doing with them, I suppose...

...also, cookies go to anyone who properly guess my naming references. (Morino excluded)

#1- リンリン "Rinrin" (Maochao)- C-class

The first Shinki I activated, I've kept her around because she's useful. Standard nurse outfit since Maochao armor is made of suck, along with nekofunnels and Devil Arms.
She's kind of crappy, but I still heart her. She couldn't make it to B-class because as my first Shinki, I had no idea what I was doing with her until it was too late.

But now she's fine, and is serving my purposes as treasure hunter and abuser of Ripple. I intend to reset her and raise her properly once I find a suitable replacement Shinki for her current duties.

#2- マリン "Marin" (Eukrante)- B-Class

The third Shinki I activated, she was started up for the hell of it and somehow managed to become Awesome. Thank you, Marin-chan. o/

Currently undergoing Jigoku Kunren split with treasure hunting, as I want to have some assurance that she'll be able to win her first B-class Official Battle. She entered it with six straight wins, you see, and Zenigame wants that cheerleader skirt achievement.

In Neko Teasure Island status, she's able to soundly trounce Haruna nine times out of ten, thanks to her Tension.

#3- アヤ "Aya" (Fubuki)- Ex-Class

The first Shinki I activated with the intent of doing it right, Aya-chan was plagued with an inability to do any damage for quite a long time. Her scythe is crap outside of its skill, and the kunai I got later on were just pure garbage...

...in my quest to make her a fighter, I went kind of nuts and wasted quite a few GEMs... but in the end, I had the good sense to give her a Sakura Spear and then that changed everything. Alas, she was only a beast at close range, since she was still stuck with trash... but then a kind Japanese fellow gave me the code needed to get her shuriken, and then she became a monster.

But it was too late, as she could only rack up seven wins before she hit level 50 and plunged into Ex Hell. >_<

As of right now, she's managed to hit level 80 and thus complete her armor, giving me hope that she'll be made of awesome when I reset her. But as of now, she's on treasure duty, beating Rikako up most of the time.

#4- 華蓮 "Karen" (Zyrdarya)- Ex-Class

I wanted Karen to be a beast, I really did... but Zyrdarya armor is made of SUCK. Ugh.

She's good, her stats are good, but her armor just isn't. In the end, she fell into Ex Hell with only one more win to go. ;0;

As per my ways, she's currently on Ripple beatdown duty in Neko Treasure Island.

#5- レモン "Lemon" (Howling)- C-Class

I started Lemon up with the sole intention of having her Nunchaku Rape the world...

...dunno how well that's going to work out, though. She's another instance of armor suckage, so I currently have her in Fubuki's.
But sadly, I initially set her up for defense so things are going kind of iffy. :/

#6- ヴィレッタ "Viletta" (Zelnogrard)- C-Class

I'm just screwing around with her. No idea if she'll be workable at all. >_>;;
Got any Shinki codes you're not going to use? Then why not throw them my way? :3

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