Fukubiki Prize List: 神姫を磨くレツゴー!

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Fukubiki Prize List: 神姫を磨くレツゴー!

Post by Xerain » Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:50 am

2nd Anniversary Fukubiki Lotto Event Guide


Here is a list of translations for all the items you can win at the lottery. Feel free to submit questions, corrections, and additional information. This guide makes use of Japanese characters so change your encoding to shift-JIS if something doesn't look right.

It's worth noting that the items from fighting rare shinki during the event, such as blue beach sandals, black rose earrings, and feather earrings are not available. I highly recommended aiming for a race queen set for those of you who can't purchase SPT. Get the top first, then go for the skirt of the same color. Also keep in mind the beach sandals are pink, if you wanted to pick a color to match them.

Now... Illegal minds... apparently they change your shinki's voice when you equip them. You equip them as an accessory, like hair. Also like hair, they are tied to specific core units. Further more, your shinki has to be S rank to use it. So keep this in mind when picking a rank 1 prize. I heard a rumor that unlike other S Rank restricted items, Illegal minds will not work in Ex Class. This needs confirming.

You may have already encounter the illegal minds before. They formerly belonged to event Shinki, so if the names look familiar, this is why. In battle their voice clips should be what those event shinki were using.

How To Play

First you will need a fukibiki ticket. While you can access the fukubiki counter without one, and even give it a spin, if you have no tickets no lotto balls will come out and it will just Buzz at you. Much like the start button on a Pinball machine.

Fukubiki tickets were originally obtained int eh 2008 Summer Festa. You got them randomly from the treasure box after winning an event battle. Now that that is over, they can still be obtained from the "win a battle with your LP as same number repeating" Achievement

Go to the Shinki Center (神姫センター), where you normally go to battle. There will be a new option: Fukubiki Counter (ふくびきカウンター). You will see Mizuki, who, alas, is almost certainly destined to be come a limited edition figure in the Konami style shop, which most of us will never be able to own. [Yes, this has already happened as of this repost, but I left that line because looking back, it's amusing.]

The three options are:

ふくびきをする ==> Do Fukubiki
説明を聞く ==> Listen to Explanation
帰る ==> Return

Obviously, pick the top one to use one of you fukubiki tickets from the summer event. You will see the lottery device. Just turn the handle. And keep turning it. And keep turning it. Turn it forever if you want. Nice attention to detail here. Just like the real thing, if you keep spinning it fast the ball will never come out. The ball will come out once the sloshing noises slow down to a medium speed.

The color determine the rank of prize. You then get to pick a prize of your choice from that rank. Most of these are items from the summer event, so pick the ones you missed. (Race Queen items are nice for those who can't buy SPT.) In rank 2 there is one new item, and Rank 1 is all new items, the 18 Illegal Minds, which allow you to change your shinki's voice and personality.

Prize List

[Rank 5 -

Pocket Tissue
You can use it to wipe down your filthy, filthy shinki while they sleep.
Then when you wake them up they will be sparkling clean.

[Rank 4 -

Old Japanese gold coin. Like Japanese version of Piece of Eight.

Earring (Tear Drop) L/R

Earring (Rose) L/R

Earring (Phaser) L/R

Earring (Black Heart) L/R




Pocket Tissue

[Rank 3 -

Paper Airplane

Hitodama (Red)

Hitodama (Blue)

Race Queen Top (Blue)

Race Queen Skirt (Blue)

Race Queen Top (Pink)

Race Queen Skirt (Pink)

Beach Sandals


Pocket Tissue

[Rank 2 -

Main Body of Scroll "Izuna"

This is some kind of scroll used by Mizuki. It is a Knuckle type, but it looks
like it's main purpose is to give you access to a skill. Anyone want to do a
better job translating the name?

Dragon Wings

Water Gun

Red-Blue Pencil

Bashou Folding Fan
Bashou is a type of Banana, it would seem.


Bamboo Fencing Stick

Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi

Pocket Tissue

[Rank 1 -

Illegal Mind (Alice)
Equip by: Angel Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Yukino)
Equip by: Ninja Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Malicia)
Equip by: Cat Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Hartooth) ?
Equip by: DogType of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Volva) -_-
Equip by: Rabbit Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Sue)
Equip by: Devil Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Tsunami)
Equip by: Santa Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Judecca)
Equip by: Seed Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Sasha)
Equip by: Knight Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Forte)
Equip by: Cannon Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Jasmin)
Equip by: Flower Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Benisuzume)
Equip by: Samurai Type of S-Rank
Deilephia elpenor ...Elephant Hawk Moth

Illegal Mind (Guramis) ?
Equip by: Builder Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Tinbell) ?
Equip by: Tiger Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Wirakia) ?
Equip by: Calf Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Vanessa)
Equip by: Dolphin Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Irene)
Equip by: Mermaid Type of S-Rank

Illegal Mind (Else)
Equip by: Siren Type of S-Rank

Pocket Tissue

My Prizes

This is a list of what I've drawn from the game. Hopefully this can be used to help calculate the odds of winning. Rank 5 is always Pocket Tissue, so I'm not bothering to list it, unless I actively chose it at a higher rank.

Rank 2 [Dragon Wings]
Rank 4 [Slingshot]
Rank 5
Rank 2 [Izuna Scroll]
Rank 5
Rank 2 [Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi]
Rank 2 [Red-Blue Pencil]
Rank 5
Rank 5
Rank 5
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 5
Rank 3 [Race Queen Skirt (Pink)]
Rank 5
Rank 2 [Banana Folding Fan]
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 5
Rank 3 [Race Queen Skirt (Blue)]
Rank 2 [Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi]
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 3 [Race Queen Top (Blue)]
Rank 4 [Pocket Tissue]
Rank 3 [Hitodama (Red)]
Rank 1 [Illegal Mind (Alice)]
Rank 5

9 Rank 5
7 Rank 4
4 Rank 3
6 Rank 2
1 Rank 1

27 Total

Running Total

This is a rough calculation of the odds of winning, based on my tickets as well as submitted results. Feel free to submit your own to help the numbers along. Keep in mind you will need to account for all your tickets if you want to help. Telling me "hey I won first place twice" is pointless if it too you 50 tickets to do it.

36 tickets accounted for.

Rank 5
11/36 30.5%

Rank 4
9/36 25%

Rank 3
7/36 19.4%

Rank 2
8/36 22.2%

Rank 1
1/36 2.7%

Note that I really doubt Rank 2 is more common than Rank 3. I'm sure we will see this is the case once we get more normal people in here to balance on my skewed results.

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