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24 hours of premium time for all

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:23 am
by Prospektor
Just to let you know, seems there was a problem today with the service, in return everyone is getting 24 hours of premium time:
2011.06.10 障害についてのお知らせ


Google Translate:
2011.06.10 Notice of Failure
2011.06.10 - 12:40 Orimashita early morning encounter problems with your play can not return to service had been cut between them.

An apology, and will give 24 hours of premium time for all guests.

NET For more information, please check the divine princess.
And it's true:

Re: 24 hours of premium time for all

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 11:41 am
by MaximumBurst
Time for 24 hours of Fukubiki Ticket farming for me then!

Plus my girls probably have 0 affection since I haven't played in months. This will get them back on track so I can probably continue from where I left months ago and try to finally get an S-rank Shinki, though that's probably impossible with all these new, stronger girls available (like Harmony Grace).

Edit: Ah. It looks like the 24 hours is right from the time they specified instead of the time that you log in like they did before. I guess my hunting will be ending much earlier than I thought :vitulus:

Edit 2: Since this is probably the last time I'll ever do the Fukubiki thing, I'll post my calculations from my records. This is for the entire time I've been playing the game; not just today.

Total tickets used: 126
Total Rank 5 Prizes: 40 (31.75%)
Total Rank 4 Prizes: 45 (35.71%)
Total Rank 3 Prizes: 23 (18.25%)
Total Rank 2 Prizes: 12 (9.52%)
Total Rank 1 Prizes: 6 (4.76%)

I wish Rank 5 didn't exist...