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Open letter to Konami / Petition for Shinki Sanctuary

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:26 pm
by Prospektor
Well, I thought it would be best to open a new topic so it'll be easier to keep track of feedback, supporters etc.
This is a first draft of an E-Mail to Konami. Since I'm not a native speaker of English or Japanese, and the letter should be sent on the behalf of many of us, please let me have your input regarding the wording etc., or you may even come up with an own version that you deem better, or just give your approval to be on the list of signers.

Okay, without further ado:
To: Konami Online Services/Customer Support

Re: Termination of Online Services for Busou Shinki on 8/31

Dear Konami OS/CS,
with deep regret we received the notification of the termination of Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio. Both applications have been a tremendous source of joy and inspiration for many of us, and numerous hours have been spent raising our virtual shinkis. Losing them so soon fills our hearts with sadness. Of course we respect your decision which has surely not been made lightly, but could there be any way to preserve our shinkis? Battle Rondo might be too complex, but maybe an offline Version of Diorama Studio on our local machines would be possible. We offer eternal praise if you could find it in your hearts to walk such a way and save our beloved shinkis from parting with us.
With gratitude for the fun your services provided and hope for the future,
I would have included the proposal to name my first-born child "Konami" if they somehow can continue with BR, but that's probably something I can only do on behalf of myself. :)

Any thoughts?

Re: Open letter to Konami / Petition for Shinki Sanctuary

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:57 pm
by halconfenix
well... so far i like what i'm reading here.... but just to make sure the letter MUST be translated to japanese (and if possible supported by the... ahem... "local" japanese members here)

Re: Open letter to Konami / Petition for Shinki Sanctuary

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 3:43 pm
by Sonja
I agree, if anything we could try and translate it.

I remember a doll forum I go to, when petitioning Volks for a local Dollpa, mailed a letter in both japanese and english and had the members create 1000 paper cranes. They mailed the package of cranes with the letters and personal letters from members to Volks, and actually received a heartfelt response.

I don't know how to make paper cranes, but I could learn. |D;

Re: Open letter to Konami / Petition for Shinki Sanctuary

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:41 am
by Prospektor
Maybe, if we fold one paper crane, take a picture of it and copy it a thousand times, in order to send it as an e-mail attachment? But it would probably have more impact if they are real, especially if dollar bills are used to fold them :?
I'm open for anything, but we should do it soon, the longer it takes, the less likeable is any action from Konami (it's not very probable anyway, but at least the chances are higher). We can send the mail as a first wave, and while they still are recovering from it, use a follow-up skill on them ...
Does anyone know a language forum or any other place where people do small translations into Japanese for free?