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Xiphos Build Tips

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:47 am
by cyclenut
Hi everyone,

Was hoping that you all can help me with my xiphos I just created.

She has tri moonstone's in her. Right now she is 1-0-3

I would like to know if anyone has some build tips with her. I have her equipped with her set armor along with her sword and RGB from arnval and she does pretty well with those two weapons.

My questions are:

What stats should i focus on? I'm thinking Attack/Accuracy/Guard?
Should I train her at all or should I just level her up by OB's.
What weapons would you recommend using? From the wiki, I know she is weak with guns and objects.
Ranges to focus on?
Best armor to use (non SPT)? I am thinking most of strarf's def/attack equipment once i hit B-A rank?

The armor I can use with her are the following shinki's:


I have a bunch of other shinki codes I can use as well if there is a certain weapon/armor that is best for her.

I am also farming csc's so any items from the csc store exchange are possible for me to obtain as well.

I would really like to get her to S-rank if possible. I've gotten werk, arnv, and ianeira to A rank pretty easily and that's was with basic csc's.

Any tips and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :xiphos: