my first Azone doll: "Little witch of heart" :3

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my first Azone doll: "Little witch of heart" :3

Postby DurpyDoll » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:40 pm

I finally bought a doll from azone, she is part of a set called "Chiika" I think, which are a specific kind of 1/6 scale dolls with really cute faces. These photos were taken with my camera phone... sorry about the quality. oTL;; I really liked the idea of witch dolls so I bought the "little witch of heart." :3 I also got some accessories too. The glasses and the shirt/skirt are NOT included. The doll was $150.00 dollars by the way.

(Took this over my kitchen counter, needed better lighting... ) Her hoodie IRL does'nt appear anything at all like the shape in the promo art.
I don't know how to keep her hair really straight... This is the first doll that I own. oTL; I tried adding water around her hair to make it more stiff like in her promotional photos. I don't know how to take care of doll hair actually... o-o;

Her front hair peices were hard to seperate, has anyone else experieced this with dolls? oTL I did not keep this band on her hair forever btw, did'nt want to ruin the hairs shape.

Bonus outfit. :P I love how she looks like this cute nerd.

She likes all video games except scary ones. Yes she is holding a PS3. :P

Last photo. She is a very adorable doll, just a few cons, her hands are a bitch to put on, her hair is very long and... strandy, (I really want to know how to take care of it), her articulation is EXTREMELY limited, but for the price of nicer looking joints. Also she does not come with a stand. :\ I had to use one from a shinki, to help keep her balanced while standing. I think she was worth the price. What do you think?
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Re: my first Azone doll: "Little witch of heart" :3

Postby oOnyaOo » Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:00 am

Ahh! She's very cute! I love her in the casual clothes. The glasses are just too adorable! >w<
The hands are a pain on azones. My friend summed it up very nicely the other day. "I spend all day carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs and haul buckets of [animal] feed around the yard but.... I can't put these blinking things back on!"

Have you looked at the cute optional hands available for azones? One set even comes with an extra shoulder joint so she can have her arms spread out.


I think a lot of promotional photos have the hair a little damp or use special sprays so it stays neat in the photos. Some BJD photographers keep a damp cloth close by when taking photos to neaten up hair so you're on the right line of thought. =D I recommend a toothbrush specifically for her hair so that when you damp it you can brush it down with that so it's all nice and neat. And the bristles are nice and fine and get all the hair.

I've never had a full set Azone so I can't talk from experience of their hair but I have worked with Monster High girls who always come with a long list of problems with their hair.
I use a hair dryer to blast out problem areas. I do this whilst brushing and holding the hair in place (in this case, to straighten it out I would hold the tips down whilst blasting a combination of hot and cool air on the parts I'm holding down)
Sometimes I did it from wet sometimes I just did it dry if it just needed a little tidy. Don't hold the hair dryer too close though.
A lot of barbie collectors swear by boiling water. There's videos on youtube for the boiling water method. =D
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Re: my first Azone doll: "Little witch of heart" :3

Postby Sonja » Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:17 pm

Ahh, she is so cute. :D
With doll hair keeping the hair a bit damp and brushing it with a small comb (or toothbrush) before photos can keep it nice. If you want to add curls or straighten, the hot water method will work on most hairs, but be careful with blow driers as you can actually melt the hair. You can also use wig spray (but don't use product made for human hair).

The hot water method you use things like bobbypins and straws to get the curls you want, then soak in hot water for about 30 seconds. after that, let it cool for another few seconds and dunk in cold or ice water. That should set the curls or the straightening (if you just run it smooth), so when you brush the wig it comes out nicely.Not a doll,but that's what I did for this pony mane. pony mane.

Wigs are always my biggest problem. ^^; dolls. ^^;
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