AV's various Stories and works of Fiction.

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AV's various Stories and works of Fiction.

Post by Argroh Valdios » Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:47 pm

First, a small story based on my all-time favorite card game.

May 14th, 2026, 12:46 Earth Time
Location: Creature Zone, Darkness Civilization, Surface Wastes.

The Dark Land, putrefied by the horrendous experiments of the Dark Lords, amongst what the eye can see, is a polluted landscape, with what remained of what was a glorious civilization. The sun was blocked by many layers of polluted clouds; it was unlikely that the lands have ever seen sunlight in over a hundred years. The pools of sludge that lined a walkway of a bridge made of bone were in front of the lone Dragonoid. “Why did I get shafted to this duty?” The Dragonoid said to himself as he trod on the bridge of bone.

Ucarn is the name of the Dragonoid, one of the most powerful from his clan. He was chosen to be the envoy of the Fire Civilization by what he would call “the worst luck of all.” He marched on through the corrupted landscape, checking to be sure that there were no signs of life ahead of where ever he went. “Not that anything here is living…”

In the quiet of an alcove, Ucarn sat down to rest for a little, his claw at the ready, gripping his gun. He had to be careful, because he wasn’t the only thing in these lands. Writhing masses of the once was living patrolled the lands, looking for sustenance for their decaying bodies. Worse, a Chimera may appear.

Things have gone into a veritable stalemate between the Civilizations of the Creature Zone, since the events twenty years ago… Twenty years from this point, an Earth Human named Shobu Kirafuda came to the Creature Zone to stop a group of evil Earth Humans from controlling the Fire Civilization. It wasn’t confirmed if the Dark Lords were behind the fiasco, but the boy awakened an energy that was felt throughout the Creature Zone.

Kaijudo, the name of the energy that binds the creature zone together, it is what the Earth Humans called this energy. Only a few Earth Humans had control of this energy, and used it to develop a Card Game in their world. Recently, a tribe of Earth Humans called the Planeswakers stared to hunt down Earth Humans that can control Kaijudo Energy. Since then, the Creature Zone has been all but forgotten.

Ucarn was sent to the Dark Lands in order to deliver a message given to him from the Light Civilization to deliver to the Dark Lords regarding the incident with the Earth Humans. But this trip would most likely get off-plan.

Hearing a rustle, Ucarn quickly readied his Gun, and pointed at the sound. It was just a skeleton of a creature that was decomposing. The bones were blackened by the atmosphere the land emitted.

“So, did you bring the stuff?” Ucarn heard nearby, it was Calm, yet harsh voice. Only the Dark Lords, Ghosts, or even some of the even more horrendous Chimeras would posses the ability to speak in common tongue. Ucarn remembered who the voice was of. General Dark Fiend, a Dark Lord who possessed the body of a beautiful maiden, yet said so himself that he was a guy.

“Sure did, I had to kill a few Planeswalkers for it.” The new voice was a voice that Ucarn have never heard of.

“Good, that’ll teach them not to mess with us.”

“Anyways, I brought some news from Earth, they say that the Returners are making a move.”

“Oh, so they’re still investigating PLOOP, eh?

“They’re linking it to the Planeswalkers that are stationed in Ravnica, stating one of the Guilds gave them funding for their experiments, they suspect the Orzohv Syndicate, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions.”

“Were you followed?”

“Were you?”

Still in the Alcove, Ucarn was alarmed to heard that me may have been noticed, cocking his gun, he turned and saw something scamper across the wastes, a Writhing Bone Ghoul was rushing towards him. Firing a couple of shots to deter the Ghoul, Ucarn made a dash for cover, hopefully a good spot to ambush the critter.

“You should pick better hiding spots, eh Ucarn?” Looking behind him, Ucarn stared directly into the mask of General Dark Fiend. “It’s been a while, Namia.” Ucan said to the Dark Lord.

“It’s Fiend, remember, oh, and this is Aleph, an Earth Human.” Fiend then point toward the Earth Human. Aleph was a Man, in his thirties, wearing a black robe, probably to be inconspicuous. He wasn’t intimidated by either Fiend or Ucarn, he probably experienced worse.

“I don’t have much time.” Aleph said, “By now, there should be a Planeswalker heading here now.”

“You better get going then. These lands aren’t the friendliest of places.” Fiend said to Aleph. “Best to get on out of here before something bad happens.”

“Alright, now your end of the deal.” Aleph said. “I need a creature to scare the hell out of command. Ucarn here would make a good match.”

“Wait… you mean Fiend, right?” Ucarn said with a startled tone.

“He said your name, so I guess it would be you after all.” Fiend Replied.

Aleph, in the deep part of the alcove, started muttering an incantation. Ucarn, wondering what Aleph was muttering about. “What is he saying?” Ucarn asked Fiend.

“An incantation for a portal, it’s a skill that used to be exclusive to Planeswalkers, but some of their info was leaked and now it’s common fact amongst the Earth Humans that travel here. Say, Ucarn, right? From what my servants tell me, you have a message for Lord Stallob.”

“Oh yeah, if you can pass it on to him, please do so. Urth has decided to follow the Doll from that one world to attempt to clear her name. Also that there’s a chance of the Returners are starting a war on Earth, and that Shinji is the key to victory.”

“I’ll make sure to deliver the message to him personally.” Fiend acknowledged.

Aleph, done with his incantation, bit his thumb and seemingly drew a rune in thin air with his own blood. The red ink then started illuminating the alcove, turning from red to a bright blue. “It’s time to go.” Aleph said as the marking became solid.

The Portal that Aleph created glowed a very bright light, blinding to most creatures, but Ucarn and Fiend didn’t mind.

“Aleph…” Fiend said. “Give them hell.”

With a nod, and a small smile, Aleph passed though the portal, along with Ucarn to another world, unknowingly, the little scamper he was trying to shoot at was following him…

“Hopefully Earth will be ready when the sundering begins.” Fiend said as he left the alcove, to what would seem, the Castle of Darkness.

Duelmasters: Returner

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Re: AV's various Stories and works of Fiction.

Post by Storm Wing » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:17 pm

Interesting!! Never crossed my mind, Duelmasters fanfic!! :eek: Too bad, no character design for each character...

May i draw some character design for Ucarn, Fiend/Namia, & Aleph? :biggrin:
Cut! Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut CUT!!
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Re: AV's various Stories and works of Fiction.

Post by Argroh Valdios » Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:23 pm

Aleph, yeah... but Ucarn and Fiend have allready been designed.
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Re: AV's various Stories and works of Fiction.

Post by Argroh Valdios » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:06 pm

moved from my Virtual ON topic.


Well, it was another boring day at work. Nothing else to do, other than try this one program I recently obtained off a source called DN.co

Most people wouldn’t recognize what kind of program it is. It is actually a kind of simulator of sorts, a simulator that enables one to control these humanoid machines called Virtuaroids, or “VR”s for short. There are eight of them in total, the balanced Temjin, the cute Fei-Yen, the powerful Raiden, the swift Viper II, the brawny Dorkas, the versatile Belgdor, the crafty Bal-Bas-Bow, and the brave Apharmd.

These machines had some backstory in the HLP file that came with the game, that they were made using technology found in a ruin that was found in the moon. After, they developed those machines to be used in a sport called “Limited War” but that all changed when some kind of activity was spotted at the Moongate (the location of the ruins). Apperently, this alien race called the Dymon activated the moongate to destroy the earth. DN.co sent alt-reality remote control devices into the past in order to find people to pilot a Virtuaroid to stop the Dymon’s attempt at destroying earth. Since then, it was entirely regarded as an old video game.

Well, at least it’s a fun way to kill time.

M.S.B.S. v.3.3w ACTIVATED.

Looks like this would be a tricky battle, a melee specialist that uses a light firearm. Temjin, the Virtuaroid I was using was equipped for all situations, its default weapon is a Multi-purpose beam rifle with a saber modification, along with an arm mounted bomb generator used for distraction. The opponent also had a similar weapon, but his main weapons are two retractable arm-mounted beam sabers called Tonfgers. That, and with a relatively weak shotgun, makes Apharmd good at melee attacks, but not so much in ranged weapons.

The relative strategy in dealing with an Apharmd is to keep your distance and fire from range. It’s easier said than done, since Apharmd slightly faster than Temjin. Of course, any battle is balanced to give both pilots an advantage or a disadvantage. But Temjin has a little skill of his own.

The stage was rendered in front of my eyes as the battle prepaired. In front of me, I could see the back of the Virtuaroid I was controlling, and almost out of view, the Apharmd of my opponent. This is going to be fun.


The Apharmed struck first by charging, Tongfers ablaze. Temjin managed to guard just in the nick of time and countered using my Temjin’s rifle as a sword, pushing back the Apharmd onto the ground. Temjin then dashed toward my left, tossing a bomb to disrupt the Apharmd’s line of sight. He followed by making a leap up into the air, and then fired a few shotgun rounds at me. Temjin skillfully evaded them and countered by firing some shots with my rifle. They hit, I could see the Apharmd was around half armor. And mine was just barely over three fourths. Temjin dashed toward the Apharmd and let of two shots with my rifle, both those shots would be relatively more powerful than a standard rifle shot.

The Apharmd got up, sent a deathglare at me and charged, Tongfers ablaze. Temjin tried to block them, but the Apharmd managed to get in both blows as I activated my guard. I could almost feel the impact of the blow. Slightly dazed, I got up and then pondered slightly on how I could deal the finishing blow… Then, I realized a good way to do it was with something that Temjin has that Apharmd doesn’t. Temjin then leapt backwards and preformed a special action, both joysticks forward and both triggers pushed. “GLIDING RAM!” I yelled as Temjin pointed down his rifle, activated it’s beam field, and blasted toward the Apharmd at breakneck speed. The Apharmed took a direct hit and the rifle impaled the Apharmd though the abdominal servos. Temjin then landed and flung the non functional Apharmd to the side, with small explosions coming from it. Temjin then decided to perform a pose, it swung it’s rifle sideways, then pointed it downward, clenching it’s fist in victory.


I then shut off the game, knowing that I should savor the taste of victory, and then have some more the next day. I heard the sound of my children coming though the front door. It was time to say “welcome back’ to them…


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