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Busou Shinki Revival

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 9:01 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Alright, it appears that Rising World shall make this revival idea proper now after much trial & error. Couldn't do this in RPG Maker because the assets are screwy. Couldn't even have others do their share attached to mine so it's all messed up. Minecraft Busou Shinki mod was asking too much, yet Rising World seems like it's the place to go for any Busou SHinki fun.

I have connections with the developer (Red51) which should make modding easier, yet you can also talk to him because he's that friendly. It'll make modding Busou SHinki into Rising World simplified, IF you guys still want it. Any issues you have should be easily mended within the next update in that month, or the next month. We could have our main Shinkis in Rising World whenever you'd like, yet we obviously need someone to do something, as well as starting from static items going up to eventual moving entities. We would however have to do test runs of static statues, and the like, that we could make them small, big, or even display type things.

I guess sometimes around August would be when this modding API releases. September, or even October, would be when all the player models & animations would release so there would be more to mess around with. It would probably be around December when people could go "full force" by making trial Busou Shinki entities in the game knowing that there'll be monthly updates as to not go overboard, yet have simple objects which could carry from one update to the next in an experimental form.

- Rising World [Steam]:

- Model Requirements:
It will be relatively easy ;) You can just select a model file from your harddrive (supported formats: obj, 3ds, fbx), the game loads it automatically and transfers it to the client as soon as you "spawn" the model in the world. There will be a documentation available, and when working with an IDE (e.g. Netbeans or Eclipse), you can use auto-completion and see the javadoc directly (which makes life a lot easier).
- Texture Info:
You have to assign a texture to it (i.e. load a texture from your hard drive). There is an "Image" object in the API which can be used for all kinds of images (GUI images, textures etc). The image object can be reused, so if you have a wood texture, for example, you can assign it to multiple custom models (but the image will only be transferred to the client once). Supported formats are jpg, png, tga and dds (which is the most preferable format in order to reduce memory consumption).
Later it will also be possible to access the in-game textures directly, but I'm afraid this won't be ready for the first API release.

Alright, let me know if anybody is on board, or if this is somethign we'll shy away from. I will warn that this is the perfect game to do this because the developer is actually listening while also wanting us to be happy. if we're happy, he's happy. From the dungeon update it be fine if we had Busou Shinki statues with textures on them. I don't mind, yet when the time is right we can try having actual Busou SHinki with AI at a later date.

Re: Busou Shinki Revival

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:07 pm
by Klinkin
Looks interesting (first voxel game I remember seeing with actual grass), but it doesn't seem to hold up next to some of the better voxel games; I'm partial to Voxel Farm as an engine myself.

Re: Busou Shinki Revival

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:18 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Not sure what you mean by "hold up" as it's still being worked on. I guess you're seeing it at an early stage that nothing can be done "yet", but that's changing with each monthly update it has. I guess sometimes around Christmas, or maybe sometimes in the 2017 months you can start poking around and having fun when its polished more.

I'm finding the "better voxel games" a bit insulting because this is still in its youth with surprisingly great support. Stranded Deep would come next, but that's not a voxel game. Minecraft after that, but that's something nobody wants to mess with anymore so that leaves Rising World. Yeah, I'm bias because this is a game going in the right direction.

At the least, keep an eye on this on a monthly basis.

Re: Busou Shinki Revival

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:19 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Somewhat dislike the tone of my last post, yet came with the news that we can now import static models into Rising World game. If you have any Busou SHinki furniture ideas then you can import them into the game to give them function & use as such. You'll however have to get caught up to speed, yet it should be easy enough.

Thread to Rising World's Busou SHinki plugin Request: ... ki-Plugin/

I ask you strongly not to shrug this off. This is finally a proper chance to keep Busou Shinki alive. If you can model statue figures, furniture, boxes then they can be imported into the game as furniture, objects, & such. Even given commands of what they're able to do, and such.

You could even have a battle table going on using Pokemon turn based battles, or whatever. Played with Minecraft's Computercraft mod using Turtles? That's what I'm also aiming for.

Again, if you can model please chime in that thread to see what happens. I can't code & shit so it's all up on you guys, yet I'll try to nudge things in various directions.

Re: Busou Shinki Revival

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:22 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Alright, so..... If there's a will then there's a way. All the nudging and pushing finally allowed me to get Renge in VRchat since the beginning of October of 2018... I'm still proud of it..... I'm still going to be pushing on the VRchat front while waiting for Rising World to allow proper modding. I can eventually start with importing Busou Shinki weaponry as time goes on. It's possible to do it now with more being available as time goes on.......