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MechWarrior: Living Legends

Postby nascar241993 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:02 pm

MechWarrior: Living Legends (MWLL) is a Crysis Wars (multiplayer disk that comes included with Crysis Warhead) mod that was released in late December 2009 by a team known as Wandering Samurai. Released around the time that MechWarrior 5 was announced, which would become MechWarrior Online. Microsoft gave them permission to make the mod, and Crytek gave them the CryEngine 2 SDK in order to make this wonderful mod. Unlike other games in the MechWarrior series, MWLL features combined arms combat, so as for mechs, there are also tanks, hovercraft, aerospace fighters, BattleArmor, and VTOLs.

To get this mod, visit this page:
You can also download the mod+Crysis Wars 1.5 Trial combined installer (thanks to Gouty and HARRP) here: ... 022.0.html

Some other useful links:

Rconnect, a useful server host tool by Bruno_007 that makes map management easier and allows player map voting: ... 606.0.html
MWLL Wiki: ... =Main_Page
Community Mapping Team: ... 998.0.html
Community Mapping Ideas: ... 017.0.html
MWLL Maps Site:
Now for some screenshots:
ScreenShot0000 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0001 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0002 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0003 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0004 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0005 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0006 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0007 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
ScreenShot0008 by Nascar241993, on Flickr

Note: If you have a anti-virus software with a real-time scanning feature, you may need to turn off real-time scanning to play MWLL.
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