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[Brainstorm] - Busou Shinkis in X-Plane

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:58 am
by ArcticKitsune
This is more of a fun idea between me, Nas, Xehn, and Zeni about adding stuff into X-Plane. We joked about adding flying pigs and such only to end up pondering of Shinkis with the ability to fly.


- The Idea:

Starting a Kickstarter to fund Busou Shinkis being added into X-Plane 10+. The idea is to add Arnval Mk II, Strarf MK. II, Asuka, and the Vic Viper girls into the game. Not all of them, but extras wouldn't hurt if people were add more. I doubt people will support the Kickstarter but wouldn't hurt to play around with the idea of adding Busou Shinkis into a X-Planes with combat.


- X-Plane - Custom Aircrafts: ... _aircraft/
we have even certified a few of these aircraft for use with the FAA-certified version of X-Plane. As you can imagine, this work is priced accordingly and is not inexpensive. Typical costs range from $3,500 to $10,000 per file.

- Nas's Idea - Expanded:

Having the Shinkis change into their robot or combat form when unleashing hell and staying in their flying form to do nothing.


- A'K's Idea - Expanded:

Keeping the Busou Shinkis at 1/1 scale (15 cm). More of a short-range "aircraft" than a full-sized passenger type aircraft. Shinki would stay their full-size in the world. Would fit it better than an awkward incomplete Anime mod. Think R/C planes or similar.


- Why the money?

X-Plane developers would go out of their way to produce a high-quality plane model if you would fund them around $5000 for whatever plane model you need, plus any extras if they go past it. They would make the plane model fit the game as best as they would.


I'm just leaving this here for you guys to play with this. Do as you wish with this topic. If we're serious we could pop open a kickstarter. What Shinki reminds you of a plane more and which one do you want the most?

-> Liberty (Red Vic Viper) for me with Arnval Mk. II as a second option

Re: [Brainstorm] - Busou Shinkis in X-Plane

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:28 pm
by Caterwaul
I'd love it personally, but sadly I dont think there'd be enough interest for it to get off the ground.

Might be easier to see about doing Shinki themed paint schemes and nose art, sort of like those Idolm@ster themed plane kits.

Re: [Brainstorm] - Busou Shinkis in X-Plane

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:09 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Sounds like a plan and so I shall now point this thread towards FSX & X-Plane skins. Maybe even that new WoP MMO.


- A'K's Fox Squadron:

- Shinki Renge - Jet-Shinden.
- Shinki Fubuki - Raiden.
- Shinki Mizuki Type 2 - Nakajima Kikka.
- Shinki Sharatang - "Ferrari of the Sky"