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Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:46 pm
by Valdor
A bunch of us in Cbox have been playing Tera since it's going F2P in February. If anyone wants to join us they're more than welcome, and we've even started a guild specifically for forum members if they wish to join.

Homepage for the game

We've dubbed our guild the "Prestigious Order of the Shinki."
Some of us are new to the game, some of us are veterans, but we welcome everyone.

Guild Members capable of accepting new members:

Hoping to get a good group going.

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:13 pm
by ArcticKitsune
Joined in on the fun because I wanted to play the Elin and because it was going to be free-to-play. Might as well try it, and I'm loving the combat system.


I got two character so far, going for three soon.

- Varatsu - Castanic - Warrior

My main warrior with the thought of "Aries" and my interest in twin-blades. Nice attacks, but too weak at times with my lack of skill.

Varatsu-Victory by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Varakitsu - Elin - Archer

Was itching to play an Elin, especially being into fox spirits. Great for solo'ing she seems which I approve of.

Varakitsu-Peace by SubTrance, on Flickr


Varasu - Castanic - Lancer

A nice female to claim the Lancer class on my side. She means trouble!

TERA_ScreenShot_20130118_230245 by SubTrance, on Flickr


And some random images:

TERA_ScreenShot_20130115_003015 by SubTrance, on Flickr

TERA_ScreenShot_20130114_224412 by SubTrance, on Flickr

TERA_ScreenShot_20130114_181446 by SubTrance, on Flickr

TERA_ScreenShot_20130114_202616 by SubTrance, on Flickr


- Tera Help Guide & etc:

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:14 pm
by Sonja

So, my POotS character is Liracal, I'll post a pic of her later. She's a rather lowbie Priest. :schmetterling:

For anyone who needs help from a higher level character, I have two others in Elinu no Kishi

Charlotte.Ygvar (Warrior, ~level 38)

Yuann (Sorcerer, level 60 ilvl 151)

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:35 pm
by Klinkin
Ah, this game. Played it during one of the open beta weekends. As a lancer, I remember it being like a cross between your bog-standard WoW-type MMORPG and Monster Hunter, though I really wish they'd cut down on the quickbar skills and focused more on MH-style timing, pattern recognition, and such. I might re-join for the heck of it when it goes F2P if SOE's still dragging their heels with a Mac version of PlanetSide 2.

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:10 pm
by Caterwaul
It's sorta free to play now, actually. Trial version lets you go up to level 28 with 2 character ATM.

As a note, I'm the afore mentioned Gyukin. Male Castanic Slayer.
Rocking the leopard print leather.

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:13 am
by ArcticKitsune
Well, I think this was a good idea but we need to socialize across the whole guild and not what we deem "regulars". Just a little suggestion and tip from my Guild War's days as a Guild Leader. Our Shinki guild would die swiftly if we're ignoring other members. Young guild so forgiven, just saying. If we want to help we need to be more vocal and helpful or we'll float to another game?


Anyways, added Varasu to my list and damn! Castanic & Lancer go along together nicely...maybe not perfection stat-wise (for the perfectionists out there) but makes for a nice play style. With this I fell in love with the Castanic race because I can relate to them more than with the Elin, oddly enough. I guess I see more of myself in the Castanics than I do in the Elin hmm.

Shall play with the three I got and press on forward almost evenly on all three. I found the middle ground of repetition that I don't want to wear out any time soon.

Nice Castanic music -

- Resharing image here -

TERA_ScreenShot_20130118_230245 by SubTrance, on Flickr
As skimpy as that is I love that armor. Not combat worthy but it damn well makes her look awesome! She hasn't even died once on me. She had 2 chances to do so, yet didn't to the bandits and the skeleton horseman in the graveyard.

Re: Unofficial BSW Tera thread.

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:05 pm
by Mikuo_Hatsune
Joined in after all the Cbox talk

Level 13 atm, will work on him till... he can wear super heavy armour
Human Berserker

probably will be the only chara I'll play