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custom toy commission

Postby Wiley_Seely » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:53 pm

So i've been working alot more lately and saw that i save up an pretty little penny and though to my self that i should go for an custom figure sound cool right? Well i thought so too about 5 or 6 months back but at the job i'm at really don't leave any personnel time for me also, i am very bad with my hands (molding, painting, etc, etc) and was hopeing to be able to commission someone for it. I found one but after week or so told me he would not do it because of the fact he don't like working with figma , Revoltech , and the like so i kind of gave up :sad: . So why am I bringing it up now well i found something that rekindle the flame in me that wanted one in the first ( if you were wondering what it was it was of Riza wildman from fg-site),so here i am now hopeing someone who would read this will know of someone that would be able to do it. and if this is the wrong place to post this i am sorry about that.
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