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Re: The Star Trek Online Thread

Postby halconfenix » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:50 pm

ShadowDragon wrote:
nascar241993 wrote:
halconfenix wrote:there was just one thing that i didn't like about the 3 year anniversary mission: tasha's hair... :P

That, and the docking bridge part. Her dialogue while dropping the forcefields is annoying as Hell. If anything, I think I would've left her on the docking bridge and hit it with a torpedo.

Yes, my Romulan would have done it just to get rid of Sela, but the others would have likely left her behind because of that hallway dialogue. Also, that whole time in there and not one mention of Rape Gangs, and when on the ship and the Tholians show up she didn't once say "I recommend we lock phasers." so while annoying as hell is in character for Tasha, the other two main things she said were not there.

maybe Denise Crosby didn't got a bigger paycheck.....
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Re: The Star Trek Online Thread

Postby ShadowDragon » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:23 pm

halconfenix wrote:
maybe Denise Crosby didn't got a bigger paycheck.....

Yeah, cause of her huge career in um... er... yeah, she's probably the lowest bidder. :P
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Re: The Star Trek Online Thread

Postby nascar241993 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:56 am

*** ALFA 117 DOG ***

Managed to get some pics of the Alfa 117 dog, this one in particular being the black fur version. It comes in all different colors, and the color determines the model. The black fur version being the 2nd rarest of them (with the pink fur version being the first rarest, being 20mil+ EC on the exchange). You can get the black version either by getting the box from the Lobi store (got him on my third box), or for 9mil+ EC on the exchange.
Alfa 117 Dog - Black Fur by Nascar241993, on Flickr
Alfa 117 Dog - Black Fur 2 by Nascar241993, on Flickr
Alfa 117 Dog - Black Fur 3 by Nascar241993, on Flickr

Trivia: The Alfa 117 dog made a one-time appearance on Star Trek, on the TOS (The Original Series) episode "The Enemy Within". If you read the item description of the dog on STO, you'll see that it mentions how the sand has a dangerous property when trying to transport, which can cause the specimen to duplicate by separating its "good" and "evil" personalities.
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Re: The Star Trek Online Thread

Postby ArcticKitsune » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:29 pm

While I'm roaming on BSW again I will note that I have a level 18-19 Assault Captain piloting a Retrofit Enterprise type ship.


- Name: Forgot. Ask Nas and Halcon :P

- Ship: U.S.S Ottawa (My pride and joy).



I play in painfully small yet bulky chunks when I know nothing will disturb my gaming sessions. It can be played played, just with everything else being turned off. Slow progress with me trying to get everything done in those small sessions. It's just the way the game has been programmed that my computer doesn't like it.
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