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crescent-shop closed until september 28

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:34 am
by halconfenix
Thank you for using our service !
We are now closing for preparing our new website.
We are re-opening our brand new website with new service name from 9:00 am on Sep 28, 2010.
During closing days, we cannot handle any items as we cannot use database.

As for auctions you have bid and would end during our close, we of course take care of them.
Please just come back to new website and check the status on your screen.

Thank you so much for using our service Crescent Shop for a long time !
We really hope that everybody loves our new website !
We will see you again on Sep 28, 2010.
Please come back to this website and you will be forwrded to new website !

Masamichi Kuge, CEO
Crescent Trading, Inc.

For emergency email:
as long as i dont lose the pre-order i made months ago... (the figure is supposed to be released today 18 sep)

does anyone here ordered stuff from crescent that was supposed to be released by these days?

(i have to admit it, this changes scare me to death)