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Roll for a short!

Post by nanashi » Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:21 pm

Ok everyone! Using this dice thing here HERE, use the one hundred sideded dice in the middle, with the two purple dice there. Yeah, roll for a 1-99, then use this YEAH THIS HERE, (NSFW, text might be hard to read...) to match up to one of the girls, then write a short story about you and her! The setting can be anything, and you get extra points if it doesn't involve sex or anythign else too offensive. If you roll one of the text ones, but can't read it, tell me your number and I will tell you what it is. I'm always in the cbox, pretty much. Here's mine:

Rolled a 93, a Halfling.

Her long red hair whips wildly in the wind, her head leaning back, her emerald eyes watering, laughing so hard she can barely breathe. I'm not in that sort of good mood.

"This? You see, this? This is why we can't have nice things." I growl out, twisting the wheel in my hand and cutting around a tight corner. I was of course reffering to my new car. Convertable, cherry red, bit of a self indulgent move on my part. I haven't had it for a week. The side and hood are covered in bullet holes.

"Well how was I supposed to know they didn't have a sense of humor?" She wheezes out as she starts to calm down, still chuckling quietly.

"Well, not everyone thinks it's funny when their date gets turned into a sheep. That's funny to a fey or a halfling, but not to vampire." Yes. My dear, dear, half fey lover and I had gone clubbing. She'd got into a small little arguement with a vampire. Then turned the vampire's date into a sheep. What followed was a fuuun fun fun car chase through the city, complete with submachine guns taking the beauty out of my new car. My expensive car.

"You thought it was funny though!" She bit back, grinning widely.

"Yes, but I'm obviously not completely sane, dealing with you and all." I check the rear view mirror. Or I would have, if it wasn't suddenly replaced by a small explosion of glass as our pursuer caught up with us again. I wrenched the wheel to the side and sped down a side street as my halfling passenger climbed over her seat and picked up the assault rifle she had stowed in the back seat floor board.

"You know you love it!" She says, almost conversationally, letting loose a burst of bullets at the vampire on a street bike chasing us. You'd think he would have given up by now, the bitch he was with had been a bitch anyway! We did him a favor. Really. And she'll turn back! Probably!

"No, I don't, but for some reason, some unknown, cosmic joke of a reason, I just haaad to ask you to marry me, so now I'm stuck with it!" I rifle through the glove box, pulling out my own handgun and blindly firing over my shoulder. "And can you please get rid of him? I'm running out of gas!" I bark over my shoulder.

"Aw, you're so sweet~ Love you too~" She teased, rummaging through the pouch on her belt and pulling out a few glowing seeds. "Fire in the whole, bitches!" She yelled, cackling wildly as she through them in the path of the vampire. I knew enough by now to hit the gas, as a second later the ground behind us exploded into a wave of some sort of fairy slash elf plant that I still can't figure out the name of. The glowing vines grabbed ahold of the bike and smashes it against the ground, and I'd rather not think about how long it would it would probably take for him to heal up.

"You're paying to get my car fixed." I mutter, as she flopped back in the front seat, rubbing the barrell of the assault rifle with the edge of her sleeve. "No I'm not." She replied smoothly. "No you're not." I agreed, knowing it was stupid to try and argue.
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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by SevenSeals » Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:28 pm

Well, I rolled a 7, so I get a Marionette. Here's mine!

Hope you enjoy, I didn't proofread it and my grammar skills are horrible. So please try not to throw up on your keyboard.

Uncontrolable coughing was the only thing that had my attention right now, whether I wanted it or not. As soon as the coughing had calmed down, I took a moment to look around at my newfound surroundings. The dust was slow to settle and continued to swirl with the fresh air that flew through the new hole I made.

"You alright?!", a voice rang from above. "Yeah, I think so! Can't say the same about whatever broke my fall...", I said, waving the dust from my face.

"I'll get some rope from the others! We'll be right down!"

I was a beside myself, judging from the height of the fall it was amazing that I didn't break anything, but I remained in a seated position as I wasn't up for another surprise if my body was playing tricks on me.

The light from above didn't help much when I took a second observation. I narrowed my eyes to focus, leaning a little toward one end to make out where I was.

"Symbols...", I blurted out, "...lots of them." My further investigations started to look as if the entire room I fell into was dome-shaped, my eyes finally started adjusting to see even the scroll filled shelves and tables that had containers strewn about.

"Now this is interesting..."a smile forcing its way through the initial caution I had, "...guess I'll scope the place out while I'm waiting for my sis." I made a move to test the waters of my body's condition and pushed myself up but where my hand landed was not a solid stone I was expecting. It was a familiar feeling that I should know what it was because I was sure I've felt it before but my current state of mind on the situation I was in now blocked the obvious.

I peered at the source and to my surprise was a supple breast in my hand. Immediately I rolled off the rubble I was on, one hand on the wrist of the other that groped the mammary my lip bit down from launching a freaked out squeal. What felt like long moments passed by before I crawled over. The fact I was able to at least move without any pain gave me some satisfaction that lady luck was still with me and I hadn't suffered any grevious wounds from my fall, a small tune of victory played in my head. It was short-lived however as there was much more pressing matter at hand. Piece after piece I dug into the rubble, tossing rock and stone away until it was finally revealed. Whatever it was, it was hard to take in.

It appeared human, but the exposed joints tell otherwise and from the earlier jiggle, whatever it was, was clearly female...

...for the most part anyway. The bottom half of it was missing, the waist down was gone and what remained were cords and pumps spread out, giving the impression that it was ripped off, but how it happened would never be known. The other half was, to my sick delight, much more pleasing for the eyes. I can't help it though, I'm hopelessly perverted, but I shook my head tried to find something else from that distraction. Her hair was clearly a mess amidst the literal sands of time, but her sky blue hair that glowed gently in the light stood defiant against the very sands that tried to bury her. Her skin or whatever material used for her skin had discoloration on various parts of her body caused by the long passages of time in total darkness, the textured seemed wornout with patches starting to flake off. Like her hair, her arms were spread out, joints exposed, down the digits of her fingers. Curiosity took over and I moved my hand toward hers, lacing my fingers along the females. With my hand intertwined with hers, I slowly picked her hand up in mine, careful not to have anything break because this darn thing looked like it would in any moment. Time fluttered by and my thoughts went with, wondering what she was doing down here. My eyes continued to peer over her again, stopping at her breasts. I made a facepalm gesture with the wrong hand and the back of hers rested against my face, but I didn't bother correcting myself, I just simply kept it there. But those breasts...There I go again, my favorite part of the female anatomy, but unlike a real woman when one lied down, her breasts for the most part retained its shape instead of letting gravity take over and flatten out. I chuckled and wondered if her creator was just as much of a pervert as myself. Moving our hands away from my face, I leaned a little over her and brushed a part of her hair that obscured her face. Her face got to me the most. It was peaceful and out of the rest of her body was closest to being human. Her lips were parted slightly and there were no cracks of time worn fatigue like the rest and her nose as perky as a youths though slightly discolored, her eyes were closed though and I was in no mood to see what they hid. Fear of a eyeless horror did not sit well for me.

I made the move to let go of her hand and when I loosened my grip, hers did not. The blood from my face and body drained as fast as water spilled from a cup.

"Oooooh shit...", I clearly said outloud, feeling incredibly screwed by my curiosity, the echos bouncing off the walls gave me the impression that my soul agreed "...she's not letting go." At first I thought it was just the joints being stuck and all I needed to do was just shake my hand and wriggle it off, but it got worse when she tightened her grip, albeit briefly. I want to think that I was going to shit my pants or at least piss in them as fear was taking residence. It was unsettling that something so old, torn up and clearly not human seemed to be at the doorsteps of waking up and the fact that my friends were still not back with the promised rope to freedom made it all the worst for me.

"Don't leave me....", the marionette whispered.

"God damnit, its talking now..."

She gave another brief grip on my hand, "Please...don't leave..."

I was never the kind of guy to leave a girl behind, unless she was something around the lines of my ex-girlfriends. I didn't resist this time against my better judgement of self preservation and even scooted closer to her. I squeezed the marionette's hand as a response and the thing gave a smile. Not a clear, run-of-the-mill smile that one would see on a typical day. It was laboured when she tried, but just enough to tell. I could say it was gentle, serene even if I wanted to fool myself further. I chalked it up as a thank you and scooped her up with my free arm, having her lie on my lap.

"God, Im going to regret this, this is stupid...stupid I tell you.", I said to myself, because for all I know, it was probably just some trap that her creator made just for some poor sap like me. Someone that can't leave a pretty face behind, human or not. I made a mental note to tell my sister to kick me square in the jewels when we got out of here.

"So...", I said, the silence getting to me, " a name?"

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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by OHWceta » Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:27 pm

7!!! I got Marionette, but I kinda ended up turning it into a robot.

Prototypes littered the floor of the small laboratory, he knew that this one would have to work, he was out of money and running out of time. The first one was dead, just a hollow shell with a stiff skeletal frame to support it, mostly to make sure the body was right, he wanted her to be perfect, from the freckles on her cheeks to the very shine of her eyes, down to the last detail, he forgot how many anatomy books and art catalogs he checked out from the local library.

Once her body was finished she would need a mind and soul, but not just any soul would do, it was as if he was remembering someone from the past and trying to recreate her, the only thing was this girl took the form of someone he never knew. Maybe a past life? The first one tried to kill him, the second tried to kill itself, the third was a droning mumbling blank stare, no life, he knew he would probably have to call in an expert, the psychology books he had didn't cover robots.

The Tech expert arrived in little time at all, first she asked him a few general questions, then made him fill out a questionaire, after retrieving his answers she went onto her computer typing up a long sequence of zeroes and ones. Upon completion she asked to see the Robot's processor, at first he was hesitant but he knew that this was the only way he'd ever see her given life. After installing the data she asked if he could come with her to her lab, they would need to run some tests if she was to be made an accurate model. The tests were done in a rather uncomfortable chair in a cold room, he was told to look at a series of items and hit the red button if he didn't like it or found it in anyway unappealing, while the blue button was to be pressed each time something came up that brought him appeal. Ultimately it would be his own choices determining the personality of this marionette, but something didn't sit right, he couldn't help but wonder if he was trying to play God by manipulating free will, or if the bond he shared with this girl he had never met would lead him to make the right choices for this test.

The full programming would take several hours to perform so the technician suggested that he leave the laboratory for a while. As usual when left along his mind began to wander, what was her name? what was she to him? these memories had haunted him for some time, he remembered the first time she came up, he was scolded for playing with dolls, his mom had told him time and time again that boys don't play with dolls, but something about that doll drew him to it, as he grew older and outgrew toys his interests still always came back to that girl in one way or another, from his drawings in art class, to the characters he played as on videogames, she was always there. He then remembered he needed to buy her some clothes, but clothing and fashion was never his forte, and he hated the idea of being a boy and going in alone to buy girls' clothing, maybe she could wear his clothes until they found something else, he would always procrastinate on the issue. Perhaps he would ask his friend Dylan, he knew Dylan had a sister and maybe her clothes would fit this marionette.

By now it was late and the tests were most likely run, he returned to the lab with his usual solemn expression and waited for the Technician to return. She told him the system was ready to install, he prefered to take it home, he wanted to be the one to give her life, she was his creation after all, even though he appreciated what the technicians did for him, he would feel more comfortable bringing her to life in a room far less crowded. Speeding home he nearly fell down the stairs as he ran down to his laboratory. lifting the body onto the table he brushed aside a small portion of her hair where the back of her neck sported a small plug, he connected her with the small portable proccessor and began the loading sequence. Seeing her eyes began to flicker he crossed his fingers hoping this would work. Then it hit him she was still unclothed so he ran to find an old shirt from his dresser. As he threw it over her head she let out a startled gasp, she was alive.
Hugging her tightly he smiled, for the first time in almost a year he smiled, he finally did it, she really was alive. Now if only he could think of a name for her, looking up at the Calender he found his answer "May".
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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by Tomiku » Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:29 pm

...well this is interesting. I rolled Mistaken Identity > Bad End > Chaos Knight. I'm gonna think about this for a while then try to get my rusty writing skills up and running again.

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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by nanashi » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:20 pm

My second story! YEY! The ending isn't as good as I had hoped.

Rolled a 44, then 08, 27, and finally 62. Both a Military Dog and an Organic Android. With Tall Tale meeting.

Annie: Organic Android
Christiano: Military Dog

It sounded a bit like a jack hammer. BAM, BAM, BAM. SMASH, SMASH, SMASH. I was ducked down behind what once could have been a rather nice car. Now it was a rusted hunk of metal that had been torn apart by something or another long ago. I didn't particularly care at the moment, as it was doing good enough as a bit of cover, keeping me from being shot full of lead and other bits of metal.

Oh did I forget? Oh yeah, I'm kinda fighting in a war, and I might be pinned down infront of an old gas station. There's about five guys using the building across the street as cover, keeping me stuck behind half of a car. I like this car, keeping me from getting shot and all. Oop, nevermind, the gun I just swung up over the top of the car to try and fight back just got blown apart.

"Hey! I liked that gun!" I didn't wait for a reply as I readied my spare rifle. All good soldiers knew to carry two, because odds are one is going to get blown up, dropped in a bottomless pit, or, you know, eaten. "Seriously, Annie, baby, I need reinforcements or evac, something, really." Annie was my ship. Sorta. See I'm a mercenary, and- Well, my inner dialogue just got cut off by a grenade landing in the car I'm using for cover, which prompts me to MOVE NOW.

I make a break from the car, smashing through the door of the gas station as the grenade goes off. I do fairly good for a ten foot run under fire. A little shrapnel in the leg and a bullet in my left shoulder. I've got some pretty decent body armor, so the bullet just leaves a bruise, but that shrapnel cuts right on through and leaves me stumbling and falling over, crawling behind the counter.

"Annie, hon, love, babe, I need some help here!" I mutter into my headset, checking the heart beat sensor on my wrist. As expected, they were coming right on in. Well a little thing like a worthless leg isn't going to make me worthless you know! I swing up and aim over the counter, a shot from my rifle takes the head off one of them, and they scatter. Noone ever said those idiots had any balls! They'll hang back behind cover and try and wait me out.

"I'm not talking to you." Ah, there's Annie, and she's still pissed. Like I said, she's my ship. Sorta, she's a sentient, semi-organic android that plugs into my ship and pilots it. I might have had her humanoid body painted pink while she was pilotting. She's pissed.

“Annie, I’m pinned down, got a sharp piece of metal in my leg grinding away at my veins, and I need help. Please, please, babe, I am sorry, ok love? I am, I really am! It was just a joke!” She usually took my little jokes pretty well, I don’t do them often after all. Plus she likes that thing I do with my tongue, but that’s a whole nother story I ain’t getting into.

“You know what, fine. There’s a patrolling East India soldier near by, they’ll probably be happy to help with some Ravens.” East India! I love East India! Well, right now I do. E.I. and Raven are both rival mercenary companies, dogs of war, not pansy governmental soldiers. Usually anyway, the Ravens thathave me pinned down were pretty pussy assed. Come on, I drop one and they scatter? Must be new guys.

“Annie, baby, I love you, I really do. Send them a shout, four Ravens, type two armor, Hammer rifles.” Four soldiers, light armor, and assault rifles. Always good to have a little info. I could hear it in the background as Annie got in contact with my hopeful reinforcements, swinging my rifle up and blind firing a bit to scare the Ravens. Bad idea it turns out, as my hand is pinned down and the rifle ripped away, I swing my side arm up and give the guy who snuck up one me a .45 bullet to the forhead. Then I noticed my heart beat sensor. “Hi guys...” I muttered, seeing that hey were all right on the other side of the counter.

“Hiii. You gave us a lot of trouble, you know that?” One of them replies. Oh yeah, he’ll be getting a bullet. I slowely stand up and get a rifle barrel shoved practically up my nose as the force me outside. Over dramatic bastards had decided to execute me aparently, as they forced me to my knees. I feel a gun barrell pressed against the back of my skull, but god bless East India, I’ll have to send them a card, because that bastard’s torso practically exploded as a figure in orange armor burst out of a third floor window across the street.

“¡Aspírelo, perra!” The voice was female, and in spanish from what I could understand. Damn fiesty too. I swung my self around into one of the Ravens as they turned to fire at the heavily armored soldier rushing towards them. I drug him to the ground and planted a armored plated fist into his face, crushing his nose and sending fragments up into his brain cavity. He’d probably live, but I doubt he’d do much except drool ever again. The other two soldiers dropped with bullets in their chests, blowing their insides out their back. Yeah, I’d need one of those guns. Oh yeah.

“Now you see, Annie, this is why I like it when we work with E.I.! They don’t fuck around!” I stood up, grabbing a rifle off the corpse of a Raven as I went, slinging it over my shoulder and nodding somewhat respectfully to the orange armored woman. “Thanks for that! They were a little pissy that I stole their job.” I joke, reffering to a suitcase they had been escorting from a client back to their HQ a few dozen miles away.

“Happy to help, soldado. Always love to fuck with the pidgeons!” She said, pulling off her rebreather helmet. She was quite attractive, obvious hispanic features, mixed with a bit of asian made her look soft and smooth, instead of so sharp. Her eyes a deep, jewel like brown, with short black hair thatgoes down just under her ears.

“Thinning out the competition?” I grin and chuckle, holding out my hand to shake, which she gripped and shook twice, before dropping it and shouldering her rifle.

“All’s fair in love and war.” She starts.

“And god help you if it’s private war.” I continue.

“Because the competition is murder!” We finish together, grinning widely. We both give the time honored fist bump and then her eyes harden.

“So what you grab from the pidgeons?” She asked, eyeing me carefully. I pulled a tube off my belt and hold it up. A holo tube, open one end and a holographic message would appear.

“Well, since you were kind enough to help me out, why don’t we crack it open and listen in?” She nods and grips her rifle a bit, ready to swing it down and fire incase there was some sort of trap, while I bashed the tube against my hip, popping the top off. The man who appeared on the end of the tube was one we both knew pretty well. The commanding officer of the closest East India outpost.

“Greetings, mister Alexandros.” Again we recognized the name. The commander of the closest Raven base. “We are to understand that you are looking into aquiring a sample of our genetics program, yes? We have one of our soldiers in the area, her name is Christiano Aquara. In exchange for the city of New Angela, where she is stationed, you may have her. If we have an agreement, pull your soldiers from the city and we will send you her coordinates.” The message cut off and we were silent for a moment as we both readied our weapons.

“Who’s Chri-” I was interrupted by the E.I. woman walking away, dropping her helmet and loading a new clip into her rifle.

“I’m gunna kill him. Esa perra es muerto! ¿Vendiéndome hacia fuera? ¡Quién él piensa él es?!” Well, her muttering explained who Christiano was. My dear orange armored savior.

“You know, taking on the whole East India base might be a bad idea.” She wasn’t listening. “Like, reeeally bad idea. Get your brains to paint a wall bad idea.” Still not listening. Well, I couldn’t blame her. “Annie, pick up for two please.” I say into my headset. Now she turns to me, cracking her neck.

“So what should I do, then? Eh? Let those cock sucking, cum guzzlin bitches get away with this?!” She barks, obviously furious. I shrug.

“Go idependant. Rhinos blew me over, so I got my own boat. Come ooon, wanna ride~? I could use a first mate!” She gave me a hard glare. Yeah I wasn’t selling it to well. “Look, you go in there, you die. You come with me, you make some nice cash, we rip up idiots later once we get so we aren’t flooded by E.I. and Ravens both.”

He glare was a bit weaker this time. Not so much annoyed at me as still pissed at them. I could live with that as the mid sized airship that made up my ship uncloaked above us and a ladder rolled down. She sighed and grabbed the ladder, climbing up slowely. “Oh! And watch out for Annie, my android. She’s... a bit odd... and has a very long tongue and very articulate fingers.” The look on her face when she looked down at me was worth the ass kicking Annie would give me later.

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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by Ninth » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:40 pm

1) You direct-linked to a pic on 4chan, which will almost certainly be deleted in the next 24 hours. Upload the pic to photobucket or something for posterity.
2) NSFW warning please. Otherwise Xehn or CI might make an issue of things.
3) Mistaken Identity -> Ghoul. Gimme a bit, I'll work on this.
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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by alebravo6 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:25 pm

Holy heavens, I got a 100! What does that mean?
Nothing, apparently. Choices only go up to 99.
So unless I´m missing some kind of unspoken law around here, I´ll start again.

66-Love labours on
60-Death knight

Ooh, starting to look good already...
Just in case, lets make a Quick Google run...
All right, gimme some time, let´s see what I can do.

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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by nanashi » Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:37 pm

Yeah, 100 has no meaning. So if you hit a hundred, just reroll.

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Re: Roll for a short!

Post by alebravo6 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:25 pm

Finished. It probably could have been done better, but it had to be short, so I guess I ended up with it being neither. Well the ones who have the last word are you so, here it is.

A little shake, and everything goes off. I awake at the table of a bar, with the bartender still grabbing my shoulder, and saying:

-I’m sorry sir, but we are about to close. Do you want us to call a taxi for you?-

I scratch my head, trying to remember a one of a kind dream, but I can’t grasp even a tiny part of it. Alcohol tends to do that. Lots of alcohol, judging by the looks of my table. There is still an unfinished mug at hands reach.

-Wait a second, let me finish this one up…- I say, while grabbing that precious last sip of beer.

The bartender goes away, with an unpleasant look on his face, and I grab my jacket, ready to face the dark and cold midnight. Suddenly, the little bell hanging on the entrance rings, and the door opens, giving the employee on the phone the scare of his life, while a hooded figure steps into the bar.

-Hey, didn’t you see the sign? The bar is closed. - He said, after calming down. –Wait a second, the door is locked! How did you managed to get in?-

I raised my hand, stopping the employee.

-Wait. I’ve changed my decision. Serve me another beer, and one for the lady.-

-Are you deaf or something? The bar is closed. It’s illegal to serve alcohol after…-

I hit the counter with a bunch of paper money.

-Dark beer, please.-

The bartender disappears the bills under his pocket like it’s a magic trick, and serves us two mugs, filled to the brim with frothy beer. I make the first move.

-So, what brings you here?-

-Are you stupid?- She said, giving me the cold glare.

-So you were sent to clean everything up. Oh, well, look it at the positive side. The more souls you get, the higher you rank on the other side, right?-

-It is unnatural, even for you, to cut short that number of lives. Suspicions are growing.-

-Cut it off. You didn’t come here to protest, right?-

-I guess you are. - She said, throwing away her robes. The bartender fell unconscious to the sight of a scantily-clad-armored-white-skin-purplish-haired chick with a sword, while I finished my drink, slowly.
Wasting no time, she attacked, cutting the counter and my seat in half, while I dodged it, rolling to the ground. My old and trusty Japanese sword shined brightly while I unsheathed it.

She swung the weapon over her head, using the higher ground advantage while she still had it. I blocked it, and both of us struggled a little.

-¡I don’t care how powerful you’ve become! ¡You will come with me this time!-

I kicked her, gaining the time I needed to get up, and defend myself properly.

-I’m sorry, but I can’t come with you.-

-Why? - She shouted, attacking furiously, clashing swords with every word. –Why can’t we be together in the other world?! Why must you be so far from me?! Is it because of what I am?-

-Wait, it’s not like tha…-

Blood splattered the place. The two swords failed to meet each other, and cut through their adversaries. I felt how the blade sunk into my stomach, and how I lost grasp of my weapon. The arm holding her sword had a deep cut, and she let it go, pushing my body.

-You… don’t… understand… It’s not like I don’t want to die…-

Blood gushed out of my mouth, while I slowly unstuck the sword out. The red stain in my shirt rapidly vanished. The cut was healed completely.

-I really can’t die.-

Her arm also was cured. With the weapon of our adversary, we jumped again into battle...

P. S. : I think I´ll be giving this game another chance...

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