"Kweh?" (Caveat: image-heavy)

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Re: "Kweh?" (Caveat: image-heavy)

Post by Major » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:38 pm

Benio wrote:are we gonna see more of the story soon?
Short answer: Hell yes!

Long answer: The story proper was left with Tigris (Tigris Jackson?) and Arnval (Arnvaljack?) carting two LolBots off to Arnval’s laboratory for repurposing as weapons, and was also cliffhung (on Mao for the second time). I’ve been coasting on randomness for a long while now thanks to various “real”-life problems, but that’s no excuse. I suppose the real problem was that the plot needed a piece that was hitherto missing and I ran out of steam (for the second time) trying to come up with anything.

Surprise — the missing piece appeared, and relevant materials are due to be proxied.

This means that there will be a continuation soon which I hope will work on a number of levels. It should further the story of the shinki team and the main characters, in addition to hammering some sense out of a few thorny plot points that have carried through the strip from its inception (e.g. reality quakes). It should also add a new layer of intrigue (not that “Kweh?” has traditionally had much in the way of that, but meh).

As was hinted in the previous omake, a new character will be showing up. Or… perhaps she was there all along… it depends on your view of spacetime, really. }:>

P.S.: The Reis have not been forgotten, and will return at some point. They have been doing stuff in the background for a while now, and this will not have escaped the attention of the new character.

P.P.S.: Mao will be okay. But then, she always is! There is no way I could inflict Yet More Trauma onto her after what has already happened to her. Well… except for any problems resulting from the fact she still has a Type Devil left hand, that is…

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