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Shinki Doujin Database

Post by Klinkin » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:25 pm

Surprisingly enough, we don't have a thread for this yet. This thread is intended as a list of all offsite Busou Shinki doujin manga (if enough people want a similar thread for photocomics, we can add that, but right now, it looks like all the all the usual suspects already have devoted threads here). This thread is for links only; we shouldn't post other author's work without permission, and if you're the author, you're entitled to your own thread.

The rules:
1. Give credit where credit is due. Identify the author(s) of all doujin posted.
2. Properly categorize the doujins linked. Two important categories are language and work-safeness.
3. No linking to doujins on this forum, as they already have threads here.
And, of course, all the usual forum rules apply. Most pertinent to this thread are the ones regarding NSFW content.

And, embarrassingly enough, while I'd like to add some doujin to start this thread out, my Google fu is failing me. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of Japanese than Google Translate can help.

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Re: Shinki Doujin Database

Post by Adventwings » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:29 am

There are a few I can look through on pixiv, but I'm not feeling very motivated at the moment. (That, and a backlog is building up...)

So, yeah, I'll get around to add a few doujin from pixiv sometime by next week.
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