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by Shikaze
Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:05 pm
Forum: Show & Tell
Topic: New Member Introductions
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Re: New Member Introductions

Hi, new member here. Name's Shikaze, nearly 30 and still playing with toys :oneofus: I've bought Weakstra and Valona after a Sky girls marathon about 2 years ago, and recently, I came to be once again interested in Busou Shinki recently. I found the board while trying to get information about battle...
by Shikaze
Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:49 am
Forum: Creativity Corner
Topic: Shikaze's Shooting Center
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Shikaze's Shooting Center

Hello, new to the board here. I've got a few shinki + various figma, and well, here I am, posting pics. A Valona wanting to go to the sky : Same Valona being... well, her succubus self, 'nuff said :